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Rigid Badge Holders

Rigid ID Badge Holders wont allow your ID badge to fold and bend, which is what normally decreases the longevity of an ID card. Some people prefer them over flexible vinyl badge holders because of their toughness. People chose the rigid plastic badge holders if they want to protect their cards in a rigid and inflexible manner that will allow their ID's to retain their shape over a longer period of time.


Why Choose Rigid Badge Holders for your ID?

While any type of badge holder is a great idea to help keep your ID cards, pass cards, and other carry-along documents safe and convenient, choosing a rigid holder gives you some key advantages over soft side flexible styles. A rigid holder offers you additional protection for the cards, are easier to accommodate thicker or heavier cards, and give you better protection of data skimming for smart cards. Let's take a quick look at two of the most popular styles that we carry and why they might be a great fit for your needs.

Open Face

The most popular unit that we carry in the open face style is without a doubt the Rigid Open-Faced 2 Card Holder - Optional Vertical or Horizontal (P/N AH-150). This great rigid holder carries two cards back to back so that they are easily usable when needed. Perfect for an ID card and Pass Card combination. This unit does not block RFID so NFC pass cards work perfectly. Pair with a neck lanyard with a retractable reel for the ultimate in convenience. This great holder comes in 4 colors. One of the best things about open face rigid style badge holders is the convenience of being able to have both of your cards easily showable and usable when you need them. If you often use cards with bar codes or did embedded chips in them to access NFC enabled doors, terminals, or vehicles then an open face card holder is the best choice since RFID blocking style devices would prevent you from being able to really do so. For those who need to have access to their cards constantly, without a doubt the open face option is the best choice.

RFID Blocking

This great holder is the perfect alternative to the one mentioned above if you need the extra security of RFID blocking. Just remember that you will need to remove your NFC enabled cards from the holder to use them to access readers. Our most popular RFID blocker is the Rigid Shielded RFID Blocking 2-Card Holder (FIPS 201 Approved) 1840-5081. This holder has a non-frosted case which holds two cards back to face for convenient use. The multiple options for attachments make it a perfect pair for any of our lanyards or badge holders.

Now that you have a basic idea of what we offer in terms of rigid badge holders, we invite you to take a look around the site to explore our full inventory. Once you are ready to order, or if you have any questions or concerns while selecting your products, please feel free to contact us by using our online chat system. Our badge product experts are standing by ready to assist you in any way they can with product selection, shipping concerns, and order processing. Here at specialist I'd we love to help organizations and businesses just like you get the ID card, badge products, and other small carry accessories that they need to do what you do at your best and with the utmost of convenience.

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