Collection: Lanyards

Lanyards are cords that pass around the back of the neck and fall over the shoulders to display an ID badge or ticket around the belly button area. Lanyards come in either breakaway or non-breakaway versions. Breakaway lanyards provide a safety feature that allows the lanyard to snap apart if it becomes snagged or snared, which can then be snapped back together afterwards. Also, consider custom printed lanyards as invaluable resources for businesses, organizations, promotional events, & more!

It’s almost guaranteed that you've used a lanyard at some point in your life, whether at a networking event or gifted to you in a swag bag. They are often used as promotional products and are typically branded to reflect a company's logo or slogan. ID lanyards are helpful for any company, large or small, but choosing the correct style can mean the difference between efficiency and aggravation for your team.

Lanyards come in many different styles and forms; some break away for added safety and others come decked out in fun designs and playful colors. Let’s not forget about custom printed lanyards, as they are invaluable resources for businesses, organizations, promotional events, & more!

This buying guide will help you…

  • Find lanyards that fit your workplace’s needs.
  • Understand what purposes lanyards serve and who they are best for.
  • Find responsibly sourced lanyards that represent your brand.

Here is a deep dive into the wide variety of lanyards our team at Specialist ID has curated for you and what makes each style unique and purposeful.


Broadly, there are two different categories of lanyards on the market: breakaway and non-breakaway. They each serve a different purpose, but don’t worry! We are here to help you decide what you need. Here is our comprehensive guide to understanding the specifics of each design, as well as our favorite products in each category.


Non-breakaway lanyards, also known as traditional lanyards, connect to your credentials via a uniform solo loop. These lanyards do not detach when snagged or pulled upon and must be placed over the head to be worn. Conversely, breakaway lanyards include a clip at the tip of their design that releases if tugged upon. This increases the safety of all who wear it because it eliminates the possibility of the product tangling and potentially injuring those who wear them. While traditional lanyards suit someone who is in a laid back environment, breakaway lanyards are best for factory workers, laboratory technicians, trainers, and children, while also fitting the bill for those in low-action zones, as well.


Check out our top recommendations for non-breakaway lanyards:

1. Round Non-Breakaway Lanyards

A round non-breakaway lanyard is ideal for people who seek a professional and attractive way to carry their identification. They are also useful for low-impact roles that do not present complications that could result in snagging the product, which could lead to injury. 

These lanyards are made from durable materials designed to withstand excessive sweat and inclement weather conditions. Because they are non-breakaway, they are a sturdy alternative to their breakaway counterparts and serve as a functional and stylish way to present applicable credentials.

Top uses for round non-breakaway lanyards: 

  • Office Workers
  • Receptionists
  • News Anchors

… and similar roles.

2. Flat-Braid Woven Non-Breakaway Lanyards

Flat-braid non-breakaway lanyards are another great solution to efficient employee identification. With the attached alligator clip, you can feel safe that your ID badges will remain securely fastened to this product. These are a fantastic and economical way to outfit your staff with everything they need to succeed.

These lanyards are similar to the round style in their makeup, so they feature the same lasting design. Turn to these if you are looking for id badge lanyards that are made to last! Available in twelve distinguishing colors, you are sure to find something that checks both function and flare.

Top uses for flat-braid non-breakaway lanyards:

  • Students
  • Assistants
  • Those who work desk jobs

… and similar roles.


Check out our top recommendations for breakaway lanyards:

1. Round Breakaway Lanyards

A round breakaway lanyard is ideal for people who work outdoors, around machinery, or in any environment where the likelihood of a lanyard getting caught increases. They are also useful for people who want to avoid having to carry keys or wallets attached to them at all times, but still want the added safety missing from a traditional lanyard.

These ID lanyards are made from high-quality materials including nylon and polyester, so they are built to last. They won’t wear down and corrode due to rain and sweat and remain durable in the face of harsh conditions. They come in different lengths and colors, so finding one that matches your company’s branding will be a breeze!

Top uses for round breakaway lanyards:

  • Gym Teachers
  • Outdoor Guides
  • Parks and Recreation Employees

...and similar roles.

2. Flat-Cord Breakaway Lanyards

Flat-cord breakaway lanyards are a convenient product that offers safety breakaway features with an attached metal swivel hook. The flat fabric on this safety lanyard is designed to help prevent the attached ID card, badge holder, or other attachment from spinning around. This design is perfect for people who need simple, sweat and rain resistant lanyards. Select from any one of 12 colors to find the color lanyard that matches your company’s aesthetic desires.

Similar to the round lanyard, the breakaway safety feature of flat-cord lanyards means they come apart in the event of sudden or powerful force. Afterward, they easily snap back into place and are ready to be reworn, time and again! This lowers risk of employee injury, in addition to eliminating the need to replace due to breakage, as with traditional lanyards.

Top uses for flat-cord lanyards:

  • Referees
  • Trainers
  • Students
  • Those who work outdoors

… and similar roles


1. American-Made ID Lanyards

If you need lanyards for a team that represents a large community, such as the military, law enforcement, or government officials, it is important to uphold public perception of your unit. This can be easily achieved through clear organization through the use of lanyards to display important credentials. You can match the quality of your uniform with our stylish American-made lanyards; these offer style, strength, and variety. They are both attractive and super strong and can be worn all day without issue. Further, they can be used to carry lightweight loads such as single cards or wallets.

Top uses for American-made ID lanyards:

  • Police Officers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Government Officials

… and similar roles.

So, there you have it: everything you need to know about lanyards and some of our favorite products carefully designed to fit all your needs. Contact Specialist ID for more information on how to find durable, bulk lanyards for your team.