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Lanyards are cords that pass around the back of the neck and fall over the shoulders to display an ID badge or ticket around the belly button area. Lanyards come in either breakaway or non-breakaway versions. Breakaway lanyards provide a safety feature that allows the lanyard to snap apart if it becomes snagged or snared, which can then be snapped back together afterwards. Also, consider custom printed lanyards as invaluable resources for businesses, organizations, promotional events, & more!


Lanyards for ID Badges

Lanyards are a simple item that every company needs, but buying the correct one can mean the difference between a piece of gear that everyone loves to use, and creating an inconvenience for your whole team.

This buying guide will help you:

  • Find lanyards that work for your purpose
  • Understand who should be wearing these lanyards and why
  • Find responsibly sourced lanyards that represent your brand

...and offer information to help make your purchasing decision easier.

Lets look at the variety of lanyards Specialist ID offers, and what makes each style appropriate for different companies and brands.

Youve used lanyards at numerous events and occasions. Theyre cords that are hung over the neck, and typically suspend an ID card, access, pass, or badge of some kind. They can also be used as branded promotional materials with no attachment. Lets look at the broad categories of lanyards we offer, and how you can choose which you should use. This buying guide for lanyards will list products followed by the types of workers who tend to benefit from wearing them.

Round Breakaway Lanyards: Safe, Durable Option For Carrying IDs, Passes & More

These round lanyards are designed with a safety feature: they have break-away points to prevent injury should they get caught or snagged on something. These round lanyards are created out of tightly woven fabric that wont tear or wear down and corrode due to rain and sweat.

Here are some of the most popular options in this style.


People who need sweat and rain resistant lanyards that may be adjusted to minimize movement during use should consider this lanyard.

This includes:

  • Gym teachers
  • Outdoor guides
  • Parks and Rec employees

...and workers in similar roles.


People who need simple, sweat and rain resistant lanyards.

  • Sports referees
  • Trainers
  • University and high school students
  • Anyone who works outdoors

Flat Break-Away Lanyards: Safety And Style In One Convenient Piece

This is a convenient lanyard that offers a safety breakaway feature with a metal swivel hook attachment. The flat fabric on this safety lanyard is designed to help prevent the attached ID, card or other attachment from spinning around. Select from any one of 12 colors to find a design that matches your school colors, sports team uniforms, corporate brand, or any other purpose.

Like the round lanyard, the breakaway safety feature means the lanyard comes apart in the places it is designed to do so when it gets caught on some protruding object. Afterward, it is easy enough to snap the lanyards pieces back together. This means you have a lower risk of injury for people who wear this lanyard, and you dont have to replace them due to breakage nearly as often.


Use this lanyard when there is a danger of snagged lanyards injuring the team members who wear them.

  • Factory workers
  • Laboratory techs
  • Trainers
  • Instructors in outdoor settings

...all tend to benefit from this lanyard design.

American Made ID Lanyards: Quality, Style And Responsible Sourcing

If you are on a team that needs to command respect in its work such as military, law enforcement, or official inspections, you can match the quality of your uniform with a stylish American-made lanyard. We offer EK lanyards because of the style, strength, and variety they deliver. These lanyards are both attractive and super strong. They can be worn all day without issue. They can be used to carry lightweight loads such as single cards, or lightweight wallets.

Lets browse through the options EK USA Accessories offers.


  • Police officers (when necessary)
  • Law enforcement and military trainees
  • Drill instructors

...anyone who wants to build patriotism into their brand. You have numerous options for styles when using this brand of lanyards.

EK Breakaway Lanyard With Removable RFID Shield ID Badge Display

When you use this  EK Breakaway lanyard, you can be confident that this detachable, double-sided lanyard will last you through long shifts no matter how rugged your line of work is. Whats more, you can proudly display the colors of the American flag thanks to this red, white, and blue cord. The dual-sided ID holder is perfect for holding multiple cards, which many different industries need to offer their teams.

Black EK Lanyard Soft End And Fused Clip: USA-Made Lanyard With Securing Clip

If you live an outdoor-style lifestyle, you can trust this 100% nylon lanyard to withstand rain, snow, sweat and more. This is a versatile platform that can carry a surprising amount of weight given how lightweight the cord is. Prevent the ID badge and badge holder from flapping in your face with a fused clip to attach the card to your shirt and keep it squarely where it belongs. Thats important if you work in a wide range of industries from outdoor guiding to nursing.

EK Lanyard With Bulldog Clip: Adaptable Attachment And Breakaway Safety Features

This bulldog clip lanyard is one of the simplest eye-catching lanyards available on the market. It sports a soft and strong nylon cord that is woven tightly to be comfortable when worn. It comes in four different colors. It tends to display your ID card at about navel height, but if you are in a hospital, factory, or plant where it might get snagged or caught, the breakaway option behind the neck will come apart. Its easy to reconnect after the fact.

Contact Specialist ID for more information on how to find durable, bulk lanyards for your team.