Collection: Vinyl Badge Holders

Vinyl Badge Holders are an economical way to protect and display your Photo ID. These work great with lanyards, strap clips, badge reels and more. We stock a wide variety of popular Vinyl Badge Holders, and many of them can be ordered with no minimum order restrictions.

Please browse our selection of badge holders below, and if you need help finding an item, please contact us. We’re always willing to help you choose from our vast array of badge holders.

Why Use Vinyl?

Vinyl is a durable, flexible and aesthetically pleasing fabric. The clear plastic, easily sewn with finesse, allows you to use it to display badge IDs without bending or damaging them. It can last for months on end without any wear or tear. They are built to last, so you won’t need to worry about scratching your ID badge, credit cards, or more. Clean the badges easily, without scratching or damaging the fabric. Low-maintenance, and time-saving for presentation!

The durability makes vinyl cost-effective if you are an employer looking for inexpensive means to protect your workers’ ID badges from the elements. You can ensure that replacement will happen less often, and it’s less likely that employees will lose their IDs due to bad luck or the holder breaking.

In addition, vinyl will protect your work or convention badges from the sun and the rain. The plastic is meant to block the bleaching effect of sunlight, which can damage colors in products without adequate protection. When you have to drive for hours in the sun or spend time outdoors, that is an important factor for choosing how you want to carry your most important badges.

Waterproof plastic means that, if you have to brave a thunderstorm or a simple sun shower, then your ID is protected. You won’t have to worry about the surprises of life, like that downpour that occurs right when you leave your car to go to work. If you’re walking on the sidewalk and get drenched by the drench of sprinklers, you are covered.

Our Vinyl Card Holder Recommendations

So what models would you get, for the workplace, or your special occasion? We at Specialist ID have our recommendations. We know our most popular products, and what you will probably like.

Do you worry about ink getting on your clothes when you tuck pens into your chest pocket, while you’re in a hurry? Fear not; we have the Clear Vinyl Pocket Protector With Id Badge Holder to keep the ink away. Hold your pen, work ID, and some spare cash without a problem. Order either a horizontal or vertical holder, depending on how you prefer to display your ID.

Do you prefer something that can withstand your daily routine? The Heavy Duty Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder With Resealable Top can help with that. The zipper top will help keep your ID and other items you want to store safe, from business cards to other badges. Three credit card-sized items can fit in this holder easily. Attach to any lanyard or chain with the slot and chain holes.

When you want to attach a badge to your keyring, Clear Soft Horizontal Fuel Card Or ID Badge Holder is just right for you. One card can slide in easily and comfortably. This is soft, which makes any wearing or packing comfortable.

Contact Us To Find Out More

Specialist ID is equipped to help you find the right work badge for your employers. Our experts will know what vinyl holders are suitable for your workplace, event, or convention. We respond rapidly and will answer any questions that you have.

Contact us today to find out more. We will be very happy to help you choose the right vinyl for your occasion, at reasonable prices.