Collection: ID Badge Holders

ID Badge Holders and ID Badge Accessories

Our vinyl & rigid ID badge holders are easy to carry and protect your photo ID either inside of a clear vinyl or plastic protective material while still allowing you to display your ID badge or card inside.

We understand that different jobs require different needs, which is why we have provided a selection of over 300 high-quality ID badge & card holders that are water resistant, protects RFID chips, oversized for traveling purposes and more! 

Most of our cardholders are perfect for daily use at hospitals, government buildings and other working environments which require employees to draw or swipe their photo ID cards for security purposes. Our vast collection of holders comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes and can be attached from lanyards, reel clips, and armbands.

Lets explore some of the most popular ID badge holders, and the facilities that tend to use them.

Vertical Armband Id Badge Holders With Hook And Loop Closure

Facilities that require people to display ID badges at all times often use an armband ID holder such as this one. However, teams that need to display ID at all times regardless of facilities tend to need these as well. Youll see:

  • HAZMAT teams
  • Military personnel
  • Private security
  • Law enforcement

all wearing these arm bands

Easy ID Badge Holder: Silicone Cell Phone Wallet

Sometimes when companies are trying to make their ID card policy convenient for newcomers, they give them this silicon wallet to store the card in. It adheres to the back of a cellphone in order to make it readily accessible and easy to remember. After all, very few people would leave the house without their phone in their pocket. 

Clear Plastic Holder With A Zipper: Ideal For Humid Environments

Many people who need to keep ID on them at all times work in humid conditions with wet weather. These roles may include:

  • Factory and HAZMAT workers that find themselves in steaming facilities
  • Park rangers and forest rangers who respond to emergencies in the rain
  • Outdoor adventure guides who need to keep their ID cards safe from the elements

and all similar roles. This is a simply transparent zippered vinyl card carrier that allows certain cards to be legible even without taking the cards from the case.

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet With Pen Loop: A Convenient Tool For Your Team

Many people who need to use their ID badges at any facility can benefit from having a pen loop in the exact same place. This piece is a lanyard that comes with a large clear pocket for storing personal items.

ID Badge Holders On Reels: Perfect For ID Access Cards

Many people who work in facilities that require them to swipe into different locations such as cafeterias and secure areas like to have their badges on reels. These reels prevent people from losing their ID. It also makes it easier for people to use the ID when they are wearing gloves.

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