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At Specialist ID, we make sure your company, and organization is equipped with the tools necessary to run a business with fluidity, security, and well-ordered management. We supply you with blank ID cards, ID badge holders, ID card printers, badge accessories, and general office supplies. This way all your staff members can have their credentials visibly accessible so that security can easily acknowledge which people are authorized to access company grounds.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Of 2020 Has Greatly Underscored The Need For Efficient Visitor Management Systems. In Florida, Individuals Who Need To Visit The Spectrum Health Lakeland Facilities In Florida's Gulf County, For Example, Must Present Valid Identification Issued By A Federal Or State In Order To Get A Visitor's Pass That Expires After A Certain Time. These Visitor Badges Are Scanned At Various Sections Of The Hospital, And They Are Also Color-coded For The Purpose Of Allowing Access To Specific Areas. This System Was Originally Implemented In Late 2019 For General Safety Reasons; After Police Officers, Healthcare Workers In The United States Are The Most Likely To Be Physically Assaulted. When The Pandemic Was Declared In March 2020, Spectrum Health Was Able To Adjust The Functionality Of The System To Augment Contact Tracing Efforts And Prevent The Spread Of The Virus Within The Hospital.

Getting badges for your visitors is just as essential as getting badges for your staff. By providing visitor badges for company guests you will be guaranteeing the security of the members of your community, organization, and business. You can exchange your visitors driver's license for a visitor badge, this way, in case something happens on the premises you will have all the information you need to file a suit. Explore our visitor badges below and keep your community safe.

Disposable Visitor Badges

Temporary Visitor Badges

This business solution kit includes 1,000 temporary visitor badges with adhesive back parts and a logbook where visitors can sign in and put all of their information. The badges expire in one day, once they expire they turn into a different color making it visibly obvious whether a visitor has authorization to enter.

Baycare Of Tampa, Another Florida Hospital That Implemented A Smart Visitor Badge System Last Year, Has Also Found It Useful To Control The Flow Of Visits To Their Facilities During The Pandemic. The Badges Are Not Just For Individuals Who Come To Visit Patients; They Are Being Issued To Journalists, Contractors, And Collaborators. The Idea Is To Make Sure Everyone Is Accounted For In Case New Infections Are Detected, Thus Requiring A Contact Tracing Effort.

Self Expiring Badges

This is a temporary badge with expiring time. After a person has completed their visit the badge will reveal a red patterned line design. You can write the visitors’ names on the disposable badges and the valid date below so security personnel knows all the details about the visitor and the length of their stay.

You May Think That The Technology Of These Self-expiring Badges Would Make Them Expensive, But This Is Not The Case. Larger Quantities Will Always Result In Greater Discounts, But Even If You Only Need Quantities In The Range Of 25 To 50, These Badges Will Still Be Very Affordable. The Color Changing Feature Of These Visitor Badges Starts To Become Visible After One Standard Work Shift; Once They Have Been Activated For More Than 12 Hours, The Color Will Disappear Completely, Thus Making Them Easy To Spot. Using Permanent Markers To Write Information On These Badges Is Highly Recommended In Case You Wish To Collect Them And File Them Along With Visitor Log Books.

Schools That Need A Simple Visitor Management System For Their Campus May Want To Consider Our TemporaryHalf-day Self-expiring Badge Covers. The Vanishing Graphic Of A Smiley Face Is Highly Visible For About Four Hours; Once It Disappears, Only The Supporting Badge Will Be Visible, Thus Providing Easy Identification Of Guests Who Have Already Spent Most Of The Daily Class Period On Campus.

Why Buy Wholesale Visitor Badges

Buying wholesale saves energy, time and money for your convenience and the planet’s. The fewer shipments the better to save energy on transportation and materials. You can place a one time purchase in bulk and won’t have to do so again for a long time. If you have people coming in and out of your company often, buying wholesale is the most convenient and practical option because you will always be equipped and ready to supply your guests with passes. Plus, we offer free shipping on most wholesale orders.

According To Workplace Security Specialists, Any Office Or Establishment That Requires Id Cards Or Badges For Employees Should Extend Similar Measures To Visitors. Even Offices That Do Not Typically Handle Sensitive Information Can Benefit From A Basic Visitor Management System. Our Friendly Badge Clip Packs, For Example, Come In Packs Of 5, 10, And 25 Units, And They Are Very Affordable Solutions That You Can Put Into Place Right Away. These Badges, Which Are Slightly Larger Than A Credit Card, Feature A Re-writable Surface And A Durable Build.

Customizable Visitor Badges and Templates

Visitor Manual Non-Expiring Cardbadge

These plastic id cards allow you to easily write on the name of the person visiting your organization and their information. ID systems are a must in any company or organization in order to know who is in your building and what areas they are authorized to access.

Visitor Badges With Lanyards At Specialist ID

At Specialist ID, we have everything from photo ids, plastic cards, custom badges, badge reels, event badges and more. We provide all the supplies so that every member of your staff is prepared and so that every company can run smoothly.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out, we want to hear from you! Contact us on our online platform, our customer service team is patiently waiting to assist you.