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School Hall Pass Lanyards WITH UNBREAKABLE CARD PASSES (SPID-9800)

School Hall Pass Lanyards WITH UNBREAKABLE CARD PASSES (SPID-9800)

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Title: Restroom Pass (Boy)
Part number: SPID-9800-BOYRESTROOM

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  • Part number: SPID-9800-BOYRESTROOM
  • USA PRINTED STURDY & WATERPROOF LAMINATED TESLIN PLACARDS - More Durable Than Plastic Passes that Can Break and Shatter when Dropped or Stepped On - Measure 3 ⅜” Wide by 3” High
  • BRIGHT AND COLORFUL LANYARD BADGE DESIGN - 17” Length Pre-Printed "HALL PASS" Color Lanyard, Double Sided Print with Safety Break Away Buckle and One Matching Color Badge Style Pass: Hall (Orange), Nurse (Green), Office (Yellow), Boys Restroom (Blue), Girls Restroom (Red), Unisex Restroom (Blue), Restroom (Toilet - Blue), or Library (Purple)
  • DESIGNED WITH SECURITY IN MIND - Hall Passes are Highly Visible and Make it Easy to Identify If Students Have Been Excused to Leave Class
  • GREAT FOR TEACHERS - Easy to Hang in the Classroom - A Room Key or Keychain Can Easily Be Attached to The Metal Hook. Passes Cover All the Reasons Students Might Need to Leave Class
  • CUTE & LONG LASTING - EASY TO CLEAN - These Hold Up to the School Year and All Grade Levels
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Check out these colorful, security, waterproof laminated Teslin School Hall Passes! Easy to identify your students out of class and long lasting badge identification to last throughout the school year.

Each set includes a color matched 17” length lanyard with safety breakaway buckle with the pre-printed text "HALL PASS" on both sides, and one of the following matching color badge style passes:

  • Hall Pass (Orange)
  • Nurse Pass (Green)
  • Office Pass (Yellow)
  • Boys Restroom Pass (Blue)
  • Girls Restroom Pass (Red)
  • Library Pass (Purple)
  • Unisex Restroom (Blue)
  • Restroom (Blue)

Durable and easy to wipe clean from multiple uses. Grab and go with these cool combo lanyard wearing passes to simplify and identify students!

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