2 Back to School Lanyards For Student IDs

It’s time for a new school year and that means new challenges, new adventures, and of course a whole new wardrobe of the latest fashions. It also means brand new student IDs. Of course, with your snazzy new threads and your brand-new ID, you will need to coordinate your lanyards for the perfect complement for your look.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best options we have available here at Specialist ID for use with student IDs. All of the IDs that we are going to talk about are perfect for use with school ID badges of all kinds. They will work for any card system, with color options offering customization.

Best of all thanks to our no minimum order policy, you can buy one or a dozen for yourself or your child, buy some for gifts to for your kids' friends, or if you are a teacher or administrator buy hundreds at a time for your class or student body. Our low prices and easy to work with our customer care team make shopping easy and getting your order delivered fast and simple.

Premium Breakaway Lanyard With Metal Swivel Hook

Our Premium Breakaway Lanyard with Metal Swivel Hook is the perfect choice for back to school. The breakaway design complies with dress code safety protocols, and the great choice of 12 awesome looking colors are the ideal complement for any fashion choices.

Or if your child’s school uses uniforms, the lanyard will match school color requirements. Starting at only $0.47 per lanyard buy as many as you need. The strong metal swivel clip keeps your badge readily visible at all times and the comfortable design is a pleasure to wear all day.

Heavy-duty Breakaway Round Lanyard With Detachable Bulldog Clip

Our Heavy Duty Breakaway Round Lanyard With Detachable Bulldog Clip 2135-451X is very similar to the lanyard we spoke about above. Here you have a premium bulldog clip attachment that is easier to use should you need to remove and replace your badge at times, such as in the library or in the computer lab.

This lanyard is available in five fashion colors that look great with any outfit. Again, here the breakaway design is compliant with dress code safety requirements for just about every school in the United States. These lanyards start at only $1.39. Highly affordable, and perfect for your system.

Find Out More From Specialist ID

These are just a few of the great lanyard options that we have available that are perfect for use with student ID cards. We invite you to take a look through our entire catalog of offerings to find the perfect lanyards that fit your needs. We also have badge reels, keychain holders, and other options for students and teachers.

When you are ready to order, or if you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us by using our online contact form. Specialist ID wants to help you get ready for the school year, and let’s start with fun security.

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