3 Best Ways to Customize ID Holders with Specialist ID


Badge Reels

Customizing your badge reels with Specialist ID is a cinch. All you need is a high-resolution image of your logo or any original design for that matter, and you're good to go! But first, it would serve you well to know that you have options. Let's explore the type of badge reels that are offered in the Specialist ID online catalog: For badge reels, you have a choice of four different types to customize. There's going to be two different styles that offer a twist or a no-twist option.

1. Standard Badge Reels

The Standard Badge Reels starts out at approximately $2.10 a unit. Since Specialist ID is a wholesale distributor of badge accessories, the more you buy, the less you'll pay for the unit cost. So, with these customizable badge reels, you have the opportunity to buy them for as low as 81 cents. In other words, depending on whether you choose to buy 1 or 5,000 custom badge reels, you can pay anywhere from 81 cents to $2.10 per badge reel.

Both reels are rated for 100,000 pulls with a reel with a dome diameter of 1. The cord length measures at about 34 and the unit are available in solid and translucent colors.

2. Carabiner Badge Reels

The Carabiner Badge Reel offers a little more flexibility for a user when it comes to attaching it to one's article of clothing. This sturdy badge reel dome is about the same size as the standard measuring about 1, but the design is slightly different in that it has a flexible clip that will easily attach to your belt loop, apron, or any other loosely-fitted article of clothing. With this badge reel, you'll get about 100,000 pulls and it also comes with a clip on the back for an alternative attachment option.

  • Custom Printed Carabiner Badge Reel (Swivel)
  • Custom Printed Carabiner Badge Reel (No Twist)

3. Badge Buddies

Badge Buddies serve as a highly visible way for employees and personnel to be easily identified. Not only can their name be printed on a Badge Buddy, but also their role. These types of identification badges are mandatory in the healthcare sector, but other industries are adopting the Badge Buddy for their own corporate uses. While Specialist ID offers a wide array of pre-printed Badge Buddies, you'll also have the opportunity to customize your own directly through our website. Specialist ID offers Badge Buddies in two options: horizontal and vertical. Watch this video tutorial about how you can order your own customizable Badge Buddy online here.

There's Always More Options!

Specialist ID offers other quality ID badge and accessories that are completely customizable and easy to do online. We offer different types of lanyards that come in a variety of colors and a selection of widths. You can either type in your text or upload an image. For the healthcare industry, we also offer stethoscope ID tags, an effective and sterile way for doctors and nurses to use their own medical tools. Call Specialist ID at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online for more information about customizing your ID holders.

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