3 Gift Ideas for National Nurses Week 2019 to Show Your Appreciation


With National Nurses Week 2019 coming up May 6-12, its time to think about the perfect gift to show your appreciation to your nursing staff, or maybe, as a nurse, a little something for yourself. There are a lot of things that you may want to consider giving as a gift but one of the most important and meaningful might very well be the gift of convenience. Nurses have a hard job, and anything that you can do to help make it a little bit easier is sure to be greatly appreciated.

Nurses and other medical assistance professionals are among those who have the greatest need for quality badge holders and bade accessories in their day to day lives. Nurses are constantly having to use their badge to access secured areas of the facility, check out and dispense medications, access patient records and computer terminals, and more. It has been shown that an average nurse over the course of his or her workday uses their professional credential more than 150 times. Thats a lot of scanning, tapping, and showing to be sure. So why not make it easy on yourself or your team and choose a nurse ID holder that is designed with your unique needs in mind.

When it comes to keeping up with Nurse IDs, passcards, access cards, and other credentials, it's vital that you have an ID badge holder that can work just as hard as you can. We carry a wide assortment of badge holders that are perfect for use in all types of hospital, clinic, and medical office environments. Lets look at some of the best items we carry here at Specialist ID that are perfect for use in a medical environment. Here are 3 great gift ideas for National Nurses Week to consider for your staff or even for yourself.

1. Badge Holder Retractor Reels

Our badge retractor reels make life easier by making it easy for users to keep up with their badge. By attaching to one of our stylish and durable neck lanyards badges can be kept handy, visible, and easy to use. When scanning, tapping, or showing are needed just pull the badge out use it and it slowly, gently, and quietly snaps back into place and out of your way. When paired with a badge protector, rigid badge holder, or badge case. to print what you would like on them using standard laser printed adhesive labels.

2. Badge Buddies

Our hospital/medical center Badge Buddies are a great way to give your medical assistance staff an easier way to be identified by other staff and by patients and visitors. These large and colorful Badge Buddies adhere to the back of your badge and are available in all standard departments/occupations. You can even have your own made custom, or buy our blank Badge Buddies to print what you would like on them using standard laser printed adhesive labels.

3. Neck Lanyards

We carry a wide selection of neck lanyards in standard, breakaway, and custom styles. All of our lanyards are made to our exact specifications and are designed to give you comfortable, secure, and long-lasting wear. When paired with one of our badge holders, carry cases, or neck wallets, they make the perfect gift for your staff.


When it comes to all of your ID badge needs, trust Specialist ID to carry everything that you need. From badge holders to badges, to retractors, accessories, badge buddies, lanyards, and more we carry a wide variety of products to help make every day a little easier for you. Our easy to navigate site is laid out in a way to help make it simple to find exactly what you are looking for. Our products are all made right here in the USA and only from the highest quality materials. Most of the items that we carry are sold with no minimum orders, and our exceptional buying power means that we are able to purchase in volume and pad our savings on to you in the form of the lowest prices you will find for similar products anywhere. We offer fast turnaround time for orders and flat rate shipping throughout the United States.

When you are ready to place your order contact us and let a member of our friendly team of professionals guide you through the order process. They are eager to help and would be glad to answer any questions that you may have about any of our products or services. We cant wait to help you get all of the ID and badge related products that you, your team, or your organization need when you need them, and at a great price.

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