4 Corporate ID Cards and Company ID Essentials

4 Corporate ID Cards and Company ID Essentials

Does your company use a set of mismatched ID cards that don’t make sense together? A solid collection of corporate IDs can go a long way toward improving security while also giving your organization a tighter brand image. If you’ve ever felt that the IDs you’ve been issuing don’t match, then you’ll want to invest in some basic company ID essentials that will help your firm look its best and ensure that only authorized personnel gain access into sensitive areas.

Essential Company ID Cards & Tools

Jot down all of the corporate ID cards that you’ve been working within your place of business thus far. You’ll note that many of them could be easily replaced with one or more of the products on this list.

1) CR80 30mil 2-Up Key Tag PVC Cards

Organizations that play host to a very large staff will certainly need an equally large number of blanks to make ID cards. If this sounds familiar, then you’ll want to consider this box of 1,000 blank PVC cards. They’re compatible with all ID printers, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’re going to work with the equipment you’re currently investing yourself in. These give you the freedom to ensure that every card you give out is made to the same specifications, which translates into less worrying about potential flaws.

2) Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder

Larger facilities often have to issue multiple cards, which can be difficult for individual staffers to carry. If this is a problem in your place of business, then you’ll want to get these vertical badge holders. They store up to three standard-sized badges. The top will then zip shut to keep them secure. Since the holders themselves are water-resistant, they can also help to reduce the risk of mold damage to your staffers’ ID cards.

3) Dual Signature Panel PVC Cards

Whether your firm uses a Persona, Fargo, Zebra or Magicard ID printer, these dual signature panel cards should work equally as well. These packs of 1,000 cards are designed to function the same way that more expensive branded solutions from other manufacturers would. That being said, they’re priced to move so you can stock up and use them at your leisure as people join or leave your organization. They’re made from authentic high-quality PVC plastic, so they’re able to stand up to the same amount of usage as a commercial-grade credit card or driver’s license.

4) Custom Printed Horizontal Badge Buddy

Badge buddies get worn underneath your company’s actual ID badge, which helps to provide an additional level of recognition for your staffers. You can have up to two different lines of text printed on each of these to ensure instant role recognition. While that’s made them popular in the medical field, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be taking other fields by storm as well. They’re great for any facility that needs to instantly recognize the roles filled by staffers.

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