4 Fun Ways to Use Retractable Reels

Retractable badge reels can be looked at as the adult Yo-Yo, but isnt designed to be a toy. Although no one would judge you if thats what you used it for, especially during those slow days at work, or those Fridays where the morning never wants to end, or the time between noon and 5 seems to have fallen into some type of black hole!

Badge Reels 101

At any rate, the retractable badge reel is originally designed to hold badge card identification or keys while staying secured to your person.

The badge reel extends to the length of your arm giving you enough room to access entry to whatever requires your credentials. Then, just like a Yo-Yo, it retracts back into the case where the badge reel stays tightly wound.

Its actually the casing that makes retractable badge reels fun. Its all about how creative you are. Many creative people have purchase their bulk supply of badge reels from Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder and accessory supply company in Miami, Florida at a discount price. Then they custom design the casing of the badge reel and then sell them online.

Based on this, here are 4 clever ways you can wear your retractable badge reel:

1.Cheer Your Favorite Sports Team

If you have permission from the professional leagues, you can use their logo and place it on the badge reel casing. The chances of you being able to get the permission of a professional leagues logo to sell for your own profit is slim, but for community league games, you might be able to do this.

2.Show School Pride

If you work in education and looking for a way to boost school pride, then purchase a bulk load of badge reels and create a project for the students to show a school pride through a badge reel design.

3.Be Snarky!

Who doesn't like sarcastic humor? Just as those t-shirts with snarky sayings seems to sell like gangbusters, why not try to sneak that into the workplace? Of course, the wording shouldn't be too offensive, but little phrases like But first, coffee, Keep Calm, Suck it up, Buttercup!, Don't Panic, or Queen of Everything might be fun to read while on the job and might even put a smile on someones face, thus boosting the morale.

4. Advertise Your Business

Why not use this opportunity to put in a shameless plug for your product or services? If you have a logo, use it. If you are purchasing badge reels for your entire personnel, purchase a bulk amount and place your company's logo on it for a more uniformed and professional look.

Other Creative Options

There's a couple of ways you can customize your retractable badge reels. You can design them yourself, or you can just order your uniquely designed badge reel from Specialist ID. Choose from the following:

You can use your Professional Yo-Yo to stress a philanthropic cause or just be whimsical. Its all up to you! Place your order with us online or call a Specialist ID representative at 1-800-380-6726.

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