4 Lanyard Pouches That Are Perfect for Business Trips

Specialist ID has a large selection of lanyard pouches that are suitable for any type of business travel. These days, business isnt what it used to be. Traveling for business is no longer a suit and tie attire accompanied with a briefcase. Today, its denim jeans, sneakers, a sleek new age backpack thats big enough to protect an iPad but small enough to carry around effortlessly. When it comes to carrying ID badges for business trips, professionals are looking for something cool and practical.

Specialist ID stocks the type of lanyards pouches that cater to this breed of professionals. Whether the business at hand is in a conference room, on the terrace of a lovely restaurant, in a private jet, at a coffee shop or overlooking sandy shores, we provide the type of ID badge holders that professionals only wish they had when the occasion arises. Get ahead of the game and stock these cool lanyard pouches so your employees will always have these ID badge holders on hand whenever the occasion calls.

    1. Identity Stronghold Secure Badge Holder Flex
      This badge holder flex is ideal for hotel conventions, especially if youre staying in the hotel nearby. This RFID blocking badge holder will protect your hotel card and ID badge from being scanned by pick-pocketers and skimmers. No more fumbling around for your hotel key card. You dont have to worry about carrying your wallet or purse along with you at these events. Use the second pocket to store your business cards.
          Watch how secure these ID badges are:

       2. Identity Stronghold RFID Blocking Secure Mini Wallet
            Its so easy to get your credit card information stolen when you're traveling. This is why banks have started to incorporate the chip into their credit cards and merchants are following by providing chip-based POS systems to secure the revenue of their business. The next step is keeping all of our credit card data safe and secure. The RFID 
      Secure Mini Wallet
           can provide this type of protection. It has a zipper pouch, three slots to hold credit card size IDs, and a clear vinyl window for photo IDs. These wallets are available in black and camouflage.
          Watch this video demonstration that highlights the features of this wallet:

      3. Identity Stronghold Blocking Secure Passport Cover
      Stronghold Passport
          Travel in style and with protected and secure leather RFID blocking passport cover. When traveling overseas, you especially want to make sure that all of your personal information is safe from cyber thieves. The
                Cover will also protect the actual passport from bends and tears. Get this shipped to you in 24 hours.

        4. Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Pen Loop

        https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1260/4809/products/CW-5-BLK-2.jpeg?v=1492118371This lanyard pouch is a hybrid of a wallet and lanyard that gives you the ability to store a considerable amount of information in its pouch thanks to its oversized 5 x 4 dimensions, zipper pockets, and clear vinyl window casing that can easily display a business card or a photo ID. Whats unique about this lanyard pouch is that it is designed with a pen loop and has an adjustable lanyard to fit anyone. This amazing cardholder is only $2.60 and can be shipped out in 24 hours. 

        Other exceptional lanyard pouches to consider are the Premium Color 3 Pocket Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard and Witz Waterproof Keep It Safe Sport Cases. Talk to a Specialist ID representative to learn how you can reduce costs by purchasing in bulk. Contact us online or call directly at 1-800-380-6762.
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