4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing ID Badges

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1260/4809/products/706-N-11.jpg?v=1514330822As a purchaser searching for identification (ID) badges, you want to choose the right type of product to ID your staff. The quality of ID badges you choose to supply your staff reflects the type of business you operate. This is something to keep in mind when shopping for the right ID badge. ID badges serve as a mini-billboard for your company wherever your employees go, whether they're stepping out for a short break, going to a luncheon, or running errands.

You'll also want to make sure that you're not breaking the bank for ID badges either. While your goal is to represent your company in a professional matter, its also wise to be smart about such purchases like ID badges.

Most purchasers may not even realize that there's such a wide variety of ID badges to select from. The experts at Specialist ID are here to inform you about these options. We specialize in supplying ID badges and accessories to businesses, corporations-profit, and government agencies throughout the United States. And we've come up with a list of questions that might be helpful to ask yourself when searching for the right ID badge for your company:

Q1. What kind of job industry are my ID badges needed for?

A. You will be able to sift through a great number of options with this question. For instance, if you work in the healthcare industry, supplying all personnel with Badge Buddies is mandatory. We even have pre-printed Badge Buddies that you can order directly from our website.

Q2. What type of job will my employees be performing?

A. This is important. No matter what type of ID badge you have, you'll likely need a badge holder. Here, you'll need to determine if a break-a-way, non-break-a-way lanyard, ID badge strap clip, or a waterproof ID holder is needed. Perhaps all you need is something simple that will protect your ID badge, or maybe what you need is something with a little more durability and a rigid cardholder is a solution.

Q3. Will my employees be working around machinery?

A. If your employees are working around machinery, then the choice of badge holders should be made for them. One of the top badge holders we recommend is the arm badge holder. This is ideal for working around heavy machinery. Employees are able to work hands-free with no obstructions, keeping their work environment safe.

Q4. Is security access for entry needed?

A. These days, many corporations require ID to enter their building. They typically have this method of surveillance because of the volume of visitors are so volatile, that its best to supply regular workers with IDs that give them regular access to the building. In this case, a badge holder like a lanyard or badge reel that's easily visible and accessible can work for such situations.

Q5. How many employees do you have?

A. Depending on how many employees you have, and how often you hire and promote, it's recommended to consider the number of ID badges and accessories you order. Specialist ID offers generous discounts for bulk orders. Talk with one of our representatives for information about wholesale discounts.

If you have any more questions about the type of badge holders and accessories to order, contact Specialist ID online or call us today at 1-800-380-6726.

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