4 Tips And Tools To Stop The Spread Of Germs In Your House

4 Tips And Tools To Stop The Spread Of Germs In Your House

According to NBC News, the COVID-19 Thanksgiving surge, predicted by epidemiologists across the country, has now fully revealed itself. The U.S. now averages around 200,000 new Covid-19 infections a day, the news site reports, and it’s only expected to worsen. So what can families do to protect themselves against the spread of the virus?

Well, there’s the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines to mask up, wash hands, and maintain social distancing. But there are also numerous small steps people can take to keep their households germ-free. From breaking out the Lysol to implementing PPE, in this guide we’ll look at 4 tips and items to stop the spread of germs in your house right now.

Mask Lanyards

At this point, masks have been overwhelmingly found to be the biggest deterrent to the spread of COVID. Wearing them over your nose and mouth can stop aerosol spray, which has been found to transmit the virus to others. But how can you keep your mask, something that literally needs to be on your face whenever you’re around others outside your home, clean? 

Cleanliness begins with frequent washes. Having multiple masks is another way to ensure your face covering is hygienic. A third step is to employ a mask lanyard. These clever devices attach to each elastic earpiece of a mask and allow the wearer to avoid touching their face, a common means by which to contract coronavirus. Another way a mask lanyard can stop the spread of germs in your house is by keeping the wearer from placing their mask on a dirty surface. With the lanyard, the wearer can hang the mask from their neck like a necklace when not using it, keeping it clean and germ-free.

Better yet, Specialist ID sells these great lanyards in both adult and child size so even the smallest individuals can stay better protected during the pandemic.

No Touch Tool

Even the most cautious among us find times when they have to touch a surface they don’t want to, whether that’s typing in a credit card code at the grocery store, or touching the toilet handle at a public restroom. These can be inescapable situations even in the midst of quarantine. So how can you limit your germ exposure? Consider Specialist ID’s Heavy Duty No Touch Tool

This clever device is like having an additional finger that can handle heavy jobs. Rather than touching either with your own hands, use the No Touch Tool instead. Made from copper alloy, this ingenious device will spare you the trouble of fretting over germ exposure. 

And to make it even more convenient, the small tool can fit on a keychain or easily in a pocket or purse so you can keep it on you at all times.

Face Shield

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs at home is to not bring them into the house to begin with. This starts with using proper PPE each time you leave your home. Face masks are step one, but another option to add to your armor is a face shield

Although they’re not to be worn without a mask underneath, the face shield adds an additional level of protection keeping the eyes and sides of the face covered from aerosol spray. This is especially helpful in situations where some individuals may be not following pandemic protocols and a wearer wants to keep themselves safe.

Mask Caddy

You don’t want to find yourself out without a mask these days. So how can you be sure you’ll always have a mask on hand if you opt not to use a mask lanyard? The mask caddy is one solution.

This simple device can attach to a rearview mirror, a door handle, or a bathroom light fixture — anywhere you’ll find it easily. Plus, it keeps masks off dirty surfaces ensuring you have the cleanest possible mask at your disposal. Not only will this cut down on germs, it will keep you feeling safe no matter where you are.

Just $3.99, this is a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift you can buy in bulk and share with your entire family. 

Are these four tips the only ways to diminish germ spread in your home? No, but they’re a solid way to bolster your efforts. If you’d like to find more unique PPE items, visit specialistid.com. We’ve got numerous tools and accessories to get you and your family through this pandemic safe and healthy.
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