5 Reasons Lanyards are Good for Cruise Liners

A cruise liners is just a big floating city! Theres restaurants, boutiques, indoor and outdoor entertainment along with recreational activities for all ages. Cruises are all-inclusive, but it doesnt mean that everything is free. Food and ship activities are usually included in the cost of the vacation but excursions, shopping and alcoholic beverages arent.

To make it safe and easy for passengers to make on-board purchases, cruise liners will issue a sea pass. A sea pass is a temporary debit card that doubles as a room key for you to use onboard during the voyage. This is a efficient way to spend money while keeping personal identification items like credit cards and drivers license safespeaking of safe, a personal safe where passengers can create their own lock combination is exactly where theyd keep those items while using their sea pass.

Heres the big question: Where would you keep the sea pass if your wallet is safely tucked away?

The answer is quite simpleattach it to a lanyard!

Lanyards are the perfect solution for sea voyagers. You can roam carefree on the ship knowing that your sea pass is secured around your neck. Here are five good reasons why lanyards are good for cruise liners.

1.Eliminate the need for a backpack or wallet Voyagers can truly enjoy their cruise vacation by being hands free. During their voyage, passengers wont have to worry about digging in their pockets to retrieve their wallet and holding up lines while fidgeting about to slip out their sea pass. With a lanyard, the sea pass is right at their fingertips. All they have to do is simply show the bartender or store clerk their card and they can continue enjoying their trip.

2.Wont get lost Passengers are least likely to misplace their sea pass if its secured around their neck. Voyagers can sometimes be too carefree during vacation and misplace things. With the lanyard secured around their neck, they wont only have easy access, but the security of always knowing where it is.

3.Customize it One of the best things about lanyards is that depending on where you purchase them from, you can customize them to say whatever you want. The lanyards that Specialist ID, a badge holder and accessory distributor in Miami, Florida offer come in a wide selection of vibrant colors and can be designed with a particular logo and or specific wording. Some cruise liners have already taken advantage of how convenient lanyards work for their passengers and sell them with their cruise line logo on it.

4.Break-a-way options As aforementioned, cruise liners offer activities for passengers of all ages. That is why you might want to consider purchasing the break-away lanyards for safety reasons. Just in case the lanyard gets snagged on something, with enough force you can easily separate from it. This is especially beneficial for children passengers.

5.Great for when you dont have any pockets Passengers who choose to lounge around the pool could definitely benefit from a lanyard because most swimsuits dont have pockets. Keeping a lanyard close by is a nice way to keep the sea pass nearby while ordering a cool beverage by the pool.

Whether you are a purchaser, or a soon-to-be cruise passenger, contact Specialist ID for more information about what type of lanyards to stock for your next voyage at 1-800-380-6726.

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