A Review of Key-Bak's Top Selling Products

At Specialist ID, were all aware that quality matters. When shopping for badge reels to carry your personal IDs, cards, and keys, one of your very best options is the wide array of Key-Baks product offerings. For over 70 years, Key-Bak has been making quality, self-retracting key reels right here in the USA. Millions of professionals worldwide turn to Key-Bak to meet their specific product needs. In terms of quality, durability, and function, this brand simply cannot be beaten when it comes to badge retractors. If you're in the market for new key reels, we recommend you consider checking out these top-selling products.

Key-Bak Super Duty 48 Key Reel with Belt Clip

This Super Duty Key Reel is a top favorite among many types of occupations from maintenance facility managers to law enforcement teams. The key reel can be modified to attach to a belt clip and allows for individuals to keep hand keys, IDs, and small tools close at hand. This high-quality product is built to last and handle the demands of up to 22 keys per reel, without any issues. Other noteworthy features of this Super Duty Key Reel from Key-Bak include:

  • An extra strong 36" Kevlar cord
  • Industrial strength poly-carbonate casing
  • The ability to carry up to 15 ounces of weight comfortably
  • Lifetime Service Policy for guaranteed quality

Key-Bak Sidekick ID Badge Reel with Key Ring

The SideKick Badge Reel from Key-Bak allows you to conveniently hold onto your keys and badges with this neat, compact reel holder. Constructed with strength and durability specifically in mind, this badge reel can hold up to 6 keys or 4 ounces to ensure that you always can have your essentials closely at hand. The carabiner comes with a 24 retractable Kevlar cord and can also easily attach to pant belt loops. For individuals looking to have ease of access to their ID cards or badges, the SideKick is the perfect solution for you. Plus, theres no need to worry about the cord getting twisted with its smart, twist-free end fitting design.

Mini-Bak Retractable Reel with 36 Nylon Cord, Vinyl ID Strap and Swivel Clip

The lightweight Mini-Bak ID Badge Holder is ideal for workers in hospitals, hotels, schools, or other workplace settings where you always want to have your ID on hand for maintaining strong security measures. This small, yet strong key reel is only a bit larger in size than a quarter, but can effortlessly secure a quality badge holder containing your ID, keys, or other small items. This highly-trusted and reliable product comes with many other great features, including:

    • Corrosive resistant construction
    • A flexible swivel alligator clip to allow for attachment anywhere you prefer
    • A high-quality 36" nylon cord which allows for extended reach
    • Lifetime manufacturers warranty
With top-rated, high-quality designs and extensive product offerings, there is truly no reason not to consider investing in durable key reels from Key-Bak. Key-Baks products are among the very best in the industry and the advantages in choosing these highly secure, self-retracting key reels are clear. Shop a wide assortment of Key-Bak products on our website today and find the solution that works best for your individual or commercial needs.


If you have any questions at all about which Key-Bak products are most likely best for you, feel free to contact us now at 1-800-380-6726 or use our online contact form.

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