Armband ID and iPod Holder

Our armband ID and IPod holder (1260), doesn't care whether you're in the military or law enforcement, about to tackle some weights at the gym, or going for a jog through your neighborhood.

Lanyards which can get caught up or grabbed can be less than ideal for law enforcement, military and ramp work at busy airports. They aren't very convenient when you're exercising either.

That's why active people and employees will want to take a close look at our new armband holders. They're simple to use, low maintenance, and reliable. Besides displaying your ID, this armband badge holder will also allow you to listen to your favorite music wherever you go.

If you want to keep your hands free but your ID card and iPhone/iPod within reach, you can strap this armband badge holder onto your arm or ankle and put them inside. Then, simply slide your gym card, military or government ID, credit card and drivers license into the clear vinyl ID badge, and seal it shut with a velcro flap. There, your ID card will display visibly and horizontally through the clear vinyl that will shield your card from the elements.

On the other side of the armband holder, you'll find a pouch that's a perfect size for an iPod, yet can also fit an iPhone, and other small handy devices. Either way, after you tuck your phone or iPod into the pouch it'll fit snuggly into place and then be covered with a second flap that pinches shut with velcro to keep your phone secure. The smartphone pouch is easily removable for quick customization of your armband.

It's also important to mention that there's a secret compartment located inside the armband. You can use this special spot to store a thumb drive, breath mints, gum, or whatever else you're looking to conceal while you're on duty or working out.

Most active people are looking for a safe and responsible way to keep their smartphone or iPod paired with their ID. There are plenty of benefits to choose why they would. For example, they can listen to music as they work out while keeping their gym pass or school ID card inside their armband as well.

The armband badge holder is made from of a breathable polyester knit fabric that feels great to wear and flexes with arm movement. With an approximate length of 18″ band and at 3.5″ wide, this is one size fits all. Whether you're using it for exercise, or on the job, its a lightweight makes it an invaluable addition that can help you make the most out of your work, by keeping your hands free to hold other things.

The inner paddings of this are refined U.S. Government Issue Field Gear is made with top quality craftsmanship, careful construction, and heavy-duty polyester that will last through a ton of action. Inside you'll find double and triple stitched seams, top-of-the-line straps, buckles and findings, that are extremely reliable.

It comes in two cool colors, either camo or black. Simply choose the one that's best for you in the drop-down selection menu. Let us know if you have any further questions or comments by leaving us a message below. And if you'd like to check out more armband ID holders that we carry before making a decision, simply click here and well guide you to the rest of our selection.

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