Back to School Badge Holders

With August approaching, getting back to school is around the corner. Now would be a good time to prepare and organize what school supplies you will need.

Get excited and make the best of it! Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela

Prepare and organize mentally and physically to get a great start to a great year ahead. Our badge holding accessories can save you time in your search for your keys, ID and other small devices, you may need handy throughout the day.

Lanyards, badge reels, neck wallets and Witz cases are some of our light weight, credential holding devices that allow for quick accessibility and reliability for your important essentials. Keep your keys handy, your IDs from wear and tear and your USB memory stick or other electronics safe and secure.

We have a variety of stylish gear to best express your individuality. Gift your loved one with a little something to wish them a happy school year ahead.

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