Back To School ID & Safety Essentials For Teachers

Back To School ID & Safety Essentials For Teachers

Going back to school in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is something that everyone knows will have to eventually happen. As much as the American public education system was able to manage distance education before the summer, a return to the classroom has always been in the minds of students, parents, administrators, and particularly teachers. Even though there is some uncertainty about heading back to school before effective treatments or a COVID-19 vaccine are available, school districts are developing plans based on various safety and security protocols.

Safety Essentials for Teachers Returning to School

Each year, the Centers for Disease Control issue guidelines to keep teaching staff members and their students safe. The guidelines for 2020 include measures such as hand-washing, social distancing, wearing personal protective equipment, and testing when applicable. Personnel accountability and strict visitor management will be more important than ever; each classroom should be thought of as a social bubble, and this means keeping others away as much as possible. At Specialist ID, our product catalog has been expanded to include some of the following safety essentials for teachers:

Social Distancing Badge Buddy

It may take a while for all education stakeholders to automatically adapt to social distancing measures at school. Our social distancing badge buddy is a polite and effective reminder that we need to keep a distance of six feet away from each other; this durable and waterproof item can be easily disinfected with alcohol, and it can be attached to an existing badge clip, lanyard, or reel.

Half-Day Visitor Expiring Cover

These stickers feature a smiley face design that will vanish after four hours; it can be issued to students or substitute teachers who are only expected to be in school for a period of four hours or less. With these timing covers, school administrators and security guards will have an easier time managing the flow of students, visitors, and temporary contractors.

KN95 Face Masks

The CDC recommends that medical-grade surgical masks such as the N95 should be reserved for healthcare professionals on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. Civil-grade KN95 masks are the kind that can be comfortably worn by teachers, administrators, security guards, and janitors. In addition to face masks, Specialist ID also offers full face protective shields that can be worn by staff members who mostly work outdoors and away from students; for example, groundskeepers and custodians.

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Back to School Safety Essentials from Specialist ID

Based in South Florida, Specialist ID is a family-owned company that serves schools, government agencies, large companies, and small business owners all over the country. Some of our clients include Fortune 500 companies that follow strict employee identification and visitor management protocols. As part of our commitment to safety, we have included personal protective equipment supplies to our catalog. Should you have any questions about our products or our shipping process, please get in touch with our customer service department today. We look forward to helping you make the back-to-school experience as safe as possible.

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