Badge Reels With Steel Cord

Our badge reel with steel cord is now in stock and available online with no minimum order.

Badge reels are a popular way to attach your ID badge and keep your card handy. Theyre versatile, and fit nicely with the steel belt clip, and theyre practical, allowing you to present or swipe your ID and have it retract back into place.

The cord on standard ID badge reels in heavy duty applications can become worn and broken. The result may even be a lost or misplaced ID card; while the badge reel is out of commission, you will be forced to carry your ID in a way that is out of rhythm with your natural habit.

Specialist ID has a solution for frequent users of their badge reels, who worry that the cord may break. Its a badge reel with a steel cord. The strong steel cord will not break under the same pressures that would cause a nylon cord to snap. Most of our heavy duty badge reels are rated for 10,000 pulls, making them indispensible in heavy-duty application, or for everyday use in the office. The reel action is smooth, and no catching will occur on the reel with the steel heavy-duty metal wire. Nor will breakage occur with the reinforced vinyl strap and belt clip. Most models come available with either a vinyl strap and belt clip, or a link chain key ring and belt clip.

Easy to coordinate with any outfit, these black and chrome badge reels are sleek accessories, with several options available. You can choose your strap and belt clip, and order several to always have one at the ready. SpecialistID offers distinctive badge holders as well, in a variety of colors and finishes, in hundreds of combinations. Heavy clear vinyl will keep your badge ID clean and protected in any application, ready for the each use. Frosted rigid plastic finishes and clear vinyl are available, as well as black credential wallets and photo ID lanyard wallets are available as well.

Our heavy duty badge reels come available in several different styles:

If you have any questions about our Heavy Duty Badge Reel With Steel Cord, or any other photo ID accessories, please contact us online or call 1-800-380-6726.
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