Baumgartens Reflective Arm Badge Holder 66850

When youre working outside in the middle of the dark and people cant see you theres a risk involved in not wearing Baumgartens reflective arm badge holder (part number, 66850).

Besides drastically increasing visibility at night with its reflective yellow-green hybrid material, it was made for people operating machinery that cant risk wearing a lanyard for safety precautions, airport ramp control, military personel, and any professionals that are looking for one of the brightest armband badge holders available on the market to wear at night.

The reflection is strong enough for this armband ID badge holder to be considered a valuable component for night time jobs which require their employees to wear a visible form of ID. This is an industrial strength badge holder designed for heavy duty use and tough applications. The see-through nylon is rugged and tough, yet will even keep dirt, dust, moisture, and other elements which contribute to the degradation of your ID safely at bay while your badge is stored inside.

The square nylon insert (3.5″ H x 3.5″ W) for your ID has a Velcro closure strap at the top ensuring your badge stays securely in place. The compartment is divided into two spaces, one with the clear window and the other part completely concealed so you can keep your ID or other small items both visible or hidden. Multiple badges will fit into the compartment, as well as small coins, a key or even a few paper bills.

This arm badge holder was made to fit the unique needs of each individual person in large facilities which makes them great for distribution in a place where one size fits all makes the most sense. We all know some people have bigger arms than other, but thats not a problem here. Theres an adjustable strap that can be accommodated to fit just about anybody. While some people prefer to display their ID card vertically, and others horizontally, either of them are ok since this Baumgaren armband ID badge will carry and display your ID badges horizontally or vertically without a problem.

We always recommend at least browsing the other armband badge holders we have available in our store before making a final decision. If you would like any more information about this product, or any of our arm band ID badge holders, please leave us a message below or contact us online. We love hearing from you guys and well be happy to recieve any of your questions, comments, or high fives.

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