Turn Our Breakable Lanyard Into A Fun Gift For Your Office Crew

Turn Our Breakable Lanyard Into A Fun Gift For Your Office Crew

Let’s be honest: receiving gifts is great but giving is so much more rewarding, especially when it’s to those who contribute to our work environment and make it an even more special place to be in.

Why not give your employees something unique and practical like the breakaway lanyard? You’ll be showing your admiration and heartfelt gratitude while also enhancing customer connections. Read along to find out more about how you can make this lanyard a fun gift.





One way to gift this item is to attach accessories to the existing lanyard. As you know, our lanyards are made for tracking essential work items like ID cards, access cards, and similar types of credentials. This makes for a dual gift! Badge reels are one of the many items you can use to accessorize your lanyard and make for a complete package gift. Like gifting a coffee machine with the coffee grounds included, try giving a lanyard with the accessory included—ready to use and with a purpose to serve!




For any work events, matching lanyards for the team is a unique way to include the entire office in any milestone or holiday that is being celebrated. Make sure everyone feels acknowledged and improve your company's overall look and aesthetic. Whether you gather for office picnics, a breast cancer awareness fundraiser, American holiday BBQs, or any other event with your colleagues, you want to show unity—and we can help. Whatever the occasion is, really—we can make it easier for you to ensure your entire team is decked out in theme.


Since we already know that the gift is the breakaway lanyard, how about surprising your colleagues with a work convention trip? It will be an experience to remember, but they will also gain insights they can regularly apply in the workplace. This lanyard will be a trip souvenir and perhaps turn into a sentimental item they will not want to let go of.





No matter how much or how little you love the duties of your job, sharing your workday with people who support, encourage, and inspire you makes all the difference. With the act of giving a gift that’s practical and useful, you’ll let them know how much you appreciate the effort they bring daily.

Visit  Specialist ID and browse our wide variety of breakaway lanyards to find the one best suited for your office!

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