Cool Lanyards You Might Not Know About

The main difference that most purchasers might recognize between a breakaway lanyard and non-breakaway lanyard is the cost. As a result, the instinctive impulse might be to purchase the least expensive item. But depending on what kind of lanyard you get, whether its a breakaway or non-breakaway, one could cost more than the other.

See, most purchasers might assume at first glance theres only one kind of breakaway and non-breakaway lanyard and that the non-breakaway may be less expensive. Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder and distributor based in Miami, Florida stocks a wide variety of lanyards purchasers can choose from.

Many people may be familiar with the lanyards with a rope-like string as well as the flat woven ones that can display a design or a logo. But there are so many different kinds of lanyards that you can shop from and because so many purchasers tend to gravitate toward the breakaway or non-breakaway flat-woven kind, there are other types that might run a littlelower in cost because people aren't aware that they exist. Its just a simple case of supply and demand.

While you may not think of a neck lanyard for your ID badge or keys as being cool there are actually some really fun lanyards that are on the market or ones that have cool features that set them aside from other. OK, so most people might only be interested in choosing a lanyard based on price or choose between the breakaway and traditional styles, you really should take some time to explore other options and find a neat lanyard that is perfect just for you. Lets take a few minutes to look at some of the cool lanyards that we sell here at Specialist ID that you might not normally know about.

1. Earth Friendly Bamboo Lanyard with Breakaway

This awesome lanyard is made from sustainable and responsibly sourced bamboo. Once the lanyard is disposed of, it will break down naturally to help protect our planet. The eco-friendly design does not take away from the great looks and durability though. In addition, the superfine cellulose fibers of bamboo are moisture wicking to help keep your neck dry, and silky to the touch, so it feels great to wear it.

2. Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo Retractable Lanyard

If you just cant decide between a traditional lanyard or the convenience of a badge reel, the good news is you don't have to! Specialist ID has the convenience of both in one great product with the Breakaway Retractable Lanyard ID Holder & Badge Reel Combo. This amazing lanyard is available in both classic black and stylish. The breakaway design will disconnect anytime enough weight or force is applied. This gives you the peace of mind that you need in regards to safety.

3. Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard

Equip your team with this great looking vinyl neck wallet. Perfect for holding your credentials, passcards, IDs, and other important items. The visible pocket is made of clear vinyl to keep IDs readily available. The wallet also holds a pen, and has a large copper pocket to hold credit cards, cash, etc.. The wallet is even big enough to hold your passport if you desire.

4. Silver Metallic Round Non-Breakaway Lanyard with Swivel Hook

This great looking traditional lanyard has a high shine silver metallic swivel hook that works with any type of badge, badge holder, case, or neck wallet that has a standard grommet or hole opening. The strong material keeps your badge securely around your neck. Perfect for holding keys as well.

This is only the beginning. There are dozens of more interesting and cool lanyards to choose from in our product offerings. Our team at specialist ID would love to help you sort through them and choose the ones that are perfect for you. If you would like to connect with us, you can call use our online contact form. And don't forget that lanyards are just the beginning. We also carry badge making supplies, small item cases, badge buddies, badge holder, badge cases and more. Check out our full site catalog for all of the great products we carry to help you with all of your ID and badge needs.

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