Credential Neck Wallets, How Everyone Can Benefit From Having One the 21st century, the idea of leaving the house without photo identification or other credentials is much like leaving home without the whirls that create fingerprints on the tips of your fingers. It becomes nearly impossible to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt who you are and what you should have permission to access. For most, this simply means leaving the house with a government-issued photo ID that can be shown with ease on request. For others whose daily job activities requires a photo ID to be visible or used for entry to public transit or their work sites, safe storage of an ID is crucial to good job performance. Credential neck wallets are a necessary part of a uniform or your every day carry accessories.

Companies that need to provide neck wallets look for reliable badge holders that will not have to be replaced every few months. The wallets should be made of a material that can withstand daily wear and tear and protect a badge or ID from inclement weather or other job hazards. Most credential wallets that can meet these requirements are made of clear plastic vinyl with an assortment of extras like zipper closing pouches, pen holders and more. This enables identification to be easily verified at security stations but easily retrieved if any security officer has difficulty seeing the information on the ID. Earth-friendly choices are available to those who have made a commitment to stay green.

Among the most popular credential wallets is one with black cloth vinyl backing. It is made in a color that does not clash too much with any attire, and the cloth reduces the glare made by the plastic. A bold black color also has the advantage of being easily spotted if a wearer misplaces it. A solid blue and a solid white are also available. Companies who purchase these pocket-size billfolds often color code them to make it easy to spot non-employees or a worker who is in a secured area without the proper clearance. Most companies make it company policy for employees to wear credentials while they are in the building, and neck wallets give workers an easy way to comply with company policy. An optional glow in the dark wallet also is available to make it easy to detect whether credentials are being worn in dark areas or at night. In fact, the Nite Ize line is a good way to make sure there is something on the neck wallet that glows in dark places. LED lights, bottle openers, and key chains can be useful tools to attach to a wallet. There are several ways that people can secure neck wallets to make them visible or invisible. Depending on whether you want to display your ID on the outside, or hide your neck wallet inside your shirt. Some choose a lanyard or neck cord that they can wear around the neck with the credential wallet attached. This is one of the most popular ways to display a badge because it is worn like a necklace and convenient. Wearers do not have the added stress of having to retrieve the badge when asked for it or when it needs to be logged or swiped through a verification system. Many times, lanyard and neck cords come with an adjustable clip to make it simple to change the length of the string around the neck. This makes it more attractive than the typical nickel-plated steel bead chains that are traditionally associated with ID badges, though the chains are available at Specialist ID, as well.


For the company interested in finding inventive ways to cross-brand and stretch advertising dollars, lanyards can be customized with company slogans, colors, and logos. A convenient online Design-A-Lanyard lets customers upload graphics and customize text. The online design application comes complete with a mannequin-like virtual figure that allows users to see their changes on the front and back sides of the lanyard worn by a virtual model before submitting an order. Design-A-Lanyard is sensitive to user experience levels. There is a rookie and a pro design level, which offers very little room for design intimidation.

Many people choose to wear a vinyl strip with a clip that can fasten to clothing. These are more suitable for situations where badges or ID may be used repeatedly by different people but they do not get the same wear and tear as a permanent badge. A visitor badge or a conference pass are good examples. Longer use may place a strain on plastic vinyl strips or cloth strips that do not have reinforced stitching.

In recent times, Velcro bands have been threaded through the back of credential neck wallets to create a wrist or armband. In this case, the wallet is worn like a bracelet, and it can be adjusted for any wrist or arm size and any level of looseness. These wallets can also be worn either horizontally or vertically. The arrival of the armband and wristband wallet on the market signals both a demand from those who are required to wear photo IDs for work and from a corporate market more willing to adjust to the needs of its employees. Making a policy like a photo ID display easy to follow ensures more people will happily comply. Its a win-win decision for everyone.

The neck wallet is a versatile accessory. While they are most commonly used in work environments or at conferences and other large gatherings, many families use them for travel. It is a very convenient way to keep up with important documents and small wads of cash in addition to an ID. Premium wallets can also be customized for pen and paper. These upscale neck wallets, which seem to be the present counterpart to the fanny pack popular in the 1980s and 90s, demand larger dimensions with more pockets and more options.

What if a person traveling to another country needed a safe credential holder to protect a passport. Witz waterproof ID cases are a sensible investment. They come in smaller sizes to protect small mobile phones or zippers to keep all important papers when you are in another country. These kinds of protective holders can give travelers peace of mind. The worst nightmare for any traveler is misplacing a plane ticket or a passport.

There are even neck wallets that help to highlight causes. The Pink Awareness Credential Neck Wallet helps the universal effort to bring more awareness about the fight against breast cancer. It seems pink has become a common color symbol for this cause, as it appears on everything from sports gear to mobile phone cases to neighborhood trash containers. A neck wallet now has the same power. The Pink Awareness is lined in black vinyl and, like many other products on the site, customizable. This is a unique way for organizations and groups to show support for the international charities that work for this cause.

It seems the need for credential neck wallets is universal. People use them to achieve a secure environment and honor code in the workplace and find them convenient enough to use for safety and protection on the road. The neck wallet allows you to reach for identification or credentials without too much hassle when you need them. It is better most of the time to not have to sift through a bulky purse or a packed wallet to prove who you are.

The advantages of the neck wallet move beyond security. Having one that is customized and professional looking helps you make a statement about the pride you take in your identity. When customized, it also helps you uniquely express who you are.

There are many companies that sell neck wallets. They can boast about giving you many choices for identifying your company, conference or employees. Beyond quality and experience, one of the great advantages for ordering credential neck wallets with Specialist ID, though, is there is no minimum order. Many other sellers operate exclusively as wholesalers and require companies to purchase ID holders in bulk with a minimum order usually at 100 or more. There is no pressure here to buy more neck wallets than you need at any given time.

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