Credential Wallets Used In Almost Every Tradeshow Event

As a professional, remembering names is important. It can make the difference between landing a sale and losing one to someone who is much more personable all because that person knew their name and addressed them by it. Lifehacker writer Emily Price states that repeating someones name in a conversation will help you remember but you have to know what it is first!

Specialist ID, an online wholesale badge ID distributor based in the South Florida area supplies businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations all over the country with badge holders and accessories to fit their specific need. Many of the companies under these industries organize and/or participate in tradeshow events to get more sales, gain more visibility, and essentially, grow their business.

Hundreds, even thousands of people can attend tradeshow events. You can leave that convention hall with a swag bag of free goodies and a stack of business cards taller than the drinks they were handing out! After conversing with so many people, how in the world are you supposed to remember who's who?

If they were good enough for preschool, then they're good enough for tradeshows. After all, tradeshows is nothing but the adult version of the first day of school. No one knows one another's name and everyone has something real cool to show off! In this case, you want to show off is your business and/or latest invention.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could personally address your future business associate and/or customer by name? Sounds simple enough, but not everybody has been blessed with the gift of a good memory.

Specialist ID has a generous selection credential wallets that are perfect for tradeshow events. Our credential neck wallets come complete with an attached adjustable lanyard and is available in a variety of colors that you can strategically coordinate to better organize your event. All of our credential wallets come with a clear, vinyl window casing that can fit credit card sized photo ID and store a few business cards.

Each of our credential wallets has their own special features. Lets take a look at some of them here

Credential Wallet Lanyards

Specialist ID has three different kinds of credential wallets that include a pen loop:

  1. Premium Color 3 Pocket Credential Neck Wallet With Adjustable Lanyard (1860-260X)
  2. This is the most basic credential wallet you can purchase at a discount price. It has enough room to fit small items.
  3. Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard (1860-3101 or CW-6-BLK)
  4. This wallet is a little larger with vertical space with 4 x 3 measurements. You'll also be able to fit more business cards!
  5. Vinyl Slotted 2 Pocket Black Credential Wallet (P/N CW-2-BLK)
  6. This two-slotted neck wallet has a pocket on the back where you can securely store your valuables like cash, credit cards, and drivers license. The lanyard for this wallet is sold separately.

With any of these credential wallets, you'll always have a pen ready to jot down any quick tips while storing and distributing business cards. Place your order online today or call our helpful and friendly Specialist ID representatives at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online today!

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