Custom Lanyards: Designing the Perfect Holiday Badge Holder lanyards provide many benefits to organizations in that they can help strengthen brand identity, increase brand visibility, and help your organization look more professional through a more standardized look for employees. Additionally, they can even be used to build customer loyalty through promotional product giveaways or customer reward systems; whats great about lanyards is that they cross all age categories in their usefulness to consumers. When taking advantage of an online lanyard maker, follow this advice.

4 Helpful Tips to Create a Festive Lanyard for the Holiday Season

1. Choose Your Colors Carefully

If you choose neon or overly vibrant colors for your lanyards, while they will be easy to be spotted, they will be much less likely to be used and worn by consumers. More subdued tones are usually preferred among individuals for the most part. However, for the holiday season, you'll want to choose either green, red, white, and even silver in some cases. In addition, take the time to consider the contrasting color to distinguish the text and decorative logo from the background color. You want to create a lanyard that celebrates the yuletide cheer!

2. Keep the Messaging on Your Lanyard Simple

The simpler the design is, the easier it will be to convey your organizations brand logo and message to others. Use simplicity to create a crisp, strong and clear message, something difficult to do when you're designing for the holiday season!

3. When Designing, Be Mindful of Brand Awareness

If you are looking to get creative, you can place an impressive message to further promote a certain mission or cause. Be sure to include your organizations name and contact info to increase brand awareness. Others seeing or using your holiday lanyards can learn more about what you do and know how to contact you in the future for servicing their needs.

4. Understand the Distinct Types of Lanyard Designs

1-Color (print) Silk Screen, 1-to-3 Color Silk Screen, Full-Color Dye Sublimated, and 1 Color Woven lanyard designs are all great lanyard design options available to you. Think about how many colors you want to feature on your lanyard and choose one accordingly. Each comes with it's own benefits. Full-color dye sublimated lanyards are excellent for intricate designs, while 1 color woven lanyards offer a classic look and feel.

For designing and purchasing custom printed holiday lanyards, choose Specialist ID and receive your order in a timely manner. Simply upload your festive graphics and custom text in our online lanyard maker tool, review your design, and place an order. With Specialist ID, you can create real-time proofs and receive high-quality, well-made lanyards in just a few days!

For all your lanyard needs, you can trust Specialist ID. Were a family-owned and operated company who has been selling online for over 16 years. We service customers of all types, from Fortune 500 companies to individuals.

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