Custom Pink Breakaway Lanyard and Badge Reel Combo

Sometimes we get requests from customers for products that don't exist. Whenever that happens, we'll make them ourselves if we can. If both parties are happy with the end result, well stock them in our store s0 other people can enjoy these new creations.

That's exactly how our custom pink breakaway lanyard and badge reel combo became a part of our family, and we were pleasantly surprised when the 2138-700P became one of the most popular items in our store among nurses, school teachers, and woman on the workforce that regularly carry photo IDs and keys and want to wear them with a bit of feminine style!

Many people prefer to reel their slot punched photo ID card from a badge reel, but also want it to be visibly displayed around the center of their chest instead of their belt loop. The lanyard and badge reel combo is the perfect solution for them. Continue reading below to learn more about our custom pink breakaway lanyards and badge reel combo. Women and children love our 2138-700P because the 36″ flat pink optiweave lanyard is cute, feels great on their skin, and lasts a long time. The white badge reel and the pink lanyard are also the international breast cancer awareness colors that many folks use to wear in support of their loved ones.

We recommend breakaway lanyards for those who operate heavy machinery, work in security, and always remind people that they're usually enforced in schools or any place where children are required to wear a form of ID, because they have a safety feature that allows the lanyard to snap apart if snagged or snared, afterwards, the lanyard can be put back together and still work just fine!

The white plastic badge reel fastened to the lanyard is a sturdy little workhorse that reels out a 34″ nylon cord and has been rated for 100,000 pulls. Its a fantastic addition to a lanyard for people who have to swipe their photo ID cards through POV card reader systems, or constantly unlocking doors at access points when they're at work.

To use, simply slide the clear nylon strap clip through a slot punched photo ID, ID Badge holder or keys, through the clear nylon strap clip and place the lanyard around your neck.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this product, leave a message below and well get back to you as soon as we receive it. Check out our youtube demonstration of Patrick wearing the custom pink breakaway and badge reel lanyard below to see it in action!

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