Decorate Your Halloween Office Party with a Festive Badge Basket

Depending on your industry, you might have the opportunity to have a little fun at your workplace around the Fall season.

October marks the beginning of many festivities this time of the year and with Halloween being one of the most celebrated observance days in the country, many administrators take this opportunity to boost office morale by having a costume party to recognize the day. Before then, the anticipation of that day usually builds up with decorations posted around and about the office. It can be said that this might be more fun than the actual day itself! Well, for some perhaps!

At any rate, one of the reasons that make Halloween so fun is the freedom to get as creative as you want with costumes and decorations. For administrators, we realize that while some of you won't get the authorization to turn your work environment into the funhouse you'd like it to be, there are other options!

Tis the Season for Halloween!

Specialist ID, a wholesale badge distributor based in Miami, Florida cant ignore the Halloween fever approach either! That's why we've come up with a Halloween Holiday ID Badge Basket.

Imagine how irresistible it will be to have a bowl full of colorful festive badge holders in a variety of styles that's up for the taking! All you have to do is place your basket of badge holders in the break room or near the time clock and you've created a social gathering where employees can treat themselves.

Now let's talk about what this Halloween Holiday ID Badge Basket has to offer.

  • 5 Pumpkin colored (or Orange) Round Non-Breakaway Lanyards (P/N 2135-325X)
  • 5 Midnight-Colored (or just Black) Standard Non-Breakaway Lanyards (P/N 2135-30XX)
  • 8 Ghostly Jack O Lantern (or again, just Orange) Translucent Retractable Badge Reels (P/N 2120-360X)
  • 8 Black Cat (or just Black) Badge Reels (One with a Specialist ID Logo) (P/N 2120-760X)
  • 3 Stretchy Skeletons
  • Assorted Hard Candies

All of these tricks and treats will be presented in a festive basket surrounded with green Spanish moss for decoration and delivered in a clear cellophane wrap covered in cobwebs (not the real one's fake cobwebs)!

Take a look at one of our Halloween Holiday ID Badge Baskets here. While the actual basket may vary in looks, the contents listed above will remain the same unless otherwise noted when processing your order.

This basket is priced at $69.95 giving you a $20 savings.

Other Ways to Use the Halloween Holiday ID Badge Basket

The Specialist ID team also enjoys this time of the year because this gives us the opportunity to be creative as all of our holiday baskets are hand-made. This basket is also great for office parties and gifts. What's even better is that while the badge holders complement the holiday colors, employees can also wear them throughout the Thanksgiving season.

Place your Halloween Holiday ID Badge Basket order online with us today, or speak with the Specialist IDs customer service department and ask any of our associates about the Halloween Badge Basket. Your order will ship in 24 hours and can expect to receive your basket within 2-6 business days.

You can call us direct at 1-800-380-6726, or if you're local to Miami, call 305-220-5500. You can even reach us online today!

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