Reasons Why Doctors Should Wear Badge Reels

Badge reels are an easy way to keep track of the badges doctors use at work. They are innovative products that play a vital role in the medical world. Whether you need an easy way to keep your ID close or replace the standard ID cards, using these accessories has some benefits. Below is a curated list of how doctors can highly benefit from badge reels.

Proper Identification

These reels are beneficial because they allow for better visibility and ease of patient contact when in the hospital. Clinical care teams in academic medical centers consist of members with various functions and levels of training. The changing tide of a medical staff often disorients patients and their families. Reports show that only 40% of inpatients correctly identify their hospital physicians. Role misidentification, or incorrect identification of an individual’s contribution to the health care team, has negative consequences for patient care and physician wellness.



Studies also show all patients found ID cards helpful in identifying their doctors, and they improved clarity both during and after consultations. Patients felt more involved in their own care and were able to direct their questions appropriately, improving overall satisfaction and patient safety. To prevent incorrect identification, they only need to look for the card attached near your chest or waist, ensuring proper doctor-to-patient communication. 

Ease of Access

Like many employees, doctors use a door access card to get into their facilities daily. They also wear ID cards in order to be visible to other staff members as well as their patients. These ingenious accessories provide an extended reach which allows for simple access to your card over card readers without removing them from a badge holder or wallet. In addition, retractable badge reels provide exceptional visibility and keep your ID card out of the way while making it easily accessible whenever time is of the essence. Combining an ID lanyard with a badge reel designed with a retractable reel becomes attached to the lanyard. It allows the ID badge to be highly visible, ideal for security and identification purposes. 


High-Quality Product

The key-bak sidekick ID badge reel combo is perfect for all types of medical personnel on staff. This badge reel is comfortable and durable with its lightweight design and strong material construction. Key-Bak has been a long-time brand leader in the industry with over 60 years of manufacturing experience right here in the USA.

Specialist ID is an employee-owned company dedicated to quality and durability in its products and acquires the ability to carry up to six keys comfortably. Another top-recommended retractable badge solution for healthcare professionals is the key-bakmid-size retractable ID carabiner working in tandem with the heavy-duty vinyl vertical ID holder with resealable top. These two well-constructed products can support optimal results for your healthcare organization looking to increase security measures and better protect patient privacy.


You can count on Specialist ID for any order, large or small, and we can meet your individual needs. If you have any questions about any of our retractable badge holder products, or you would like to have your ID badges shipped elsewhere, please contact us through our website.

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