Easy Card Holder

As a regular vinyl vertical easy cardholder public transportation user of the Miami-Dade Metrorail system, I find a simple vinyl badge holder to be the most practical way to keep my easy card where I can find it and use it all very easily! When I'm rushing to be out the door, my designated lanyard is ready to grab and wear, holding my easy access card for my entrance to the Metrobus or Metrorail.

Public transportation runs on a tight schedule and having to first locate your easy card through your purse, the bottom of your backpack, out of your pocket or from your wallet could make a timely difference if you catch that bus or train or not. Make your life easier with any one of our ID badge holders to keep handy on a lanyard or badge reel for easy access to the terminals. You won't even need to remove the card from the clear vinyl to swipe and use. On a badge reel, you have the retractable cord to access any terminal with distance and with the lanyard displayed in the picture on the left, in case you need more reach, the detached swivel hook easily clicks apart as needed. Another great option is our breakaway lanyard ID holder badge reel combo combines badge reel and lanyard in one! I find the badge holder with zipper closure and key ring also a very useful and handy accessory. Simply zipper in your easy card and have it attached to your keys for easy retrieval. Keeps keys and card together. Would fit in any purse or bag for everyday use. Again, easy to locate when you keep your keys on a key rack.

Besides public transportation cards, these badge holders are great for displaying photo ID credentials as well as required in some work environments while keeping your ID safe and protected from the outdoor elements. The keyring attached to the horizontal badge holder with a zipper would also be great to hold your fuel card. Simple and useful accessories to make your life easy and hopefully better organized. It definitely has worked for me.

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