EK USA Lanyards, Badge Holders and Accessories


After a recent trade show in Las Vegas, we are proud to have brought in our favorite new find. EK Accessories, a manufacturer of many things, including ID badge holders and lanyards, based in Logan, Utah, immediately caught our eye. They create some of the best looking and highest quality badge accessories that we have ever put our hands on. Also, it feels good to be part of the bigger picture; supporting American manufacturing and domestic production. Like many of you, we try to support local business wherever possible. The EK line of accessories is one of the best choices you can make.

We brought in quite a few styles of lanyards and attachments, and depending on your application, we are confident you will find one that will work for you. The EK lanyards have such a nice look and feel to them that they remind me of the same excitement I get from a pair of nice new shoes. Sure they cost more than a Chinese made lanyard, but for a professional, who wears their badge every day and takes pride in their uniform, its not hard to justify the added cost.

Many of the EK Lanyards use a unique nylon loop for attaching to any slot punched badge or holder, key rings, and more. The 10252 lanyard is a perfect example of this design. Just slip the loop through the slot hole and slip it back through itself and you have a perfect grip. If you wanted to take your badge off the loop completely, you would just slide it back through the loop to detach. Even easier than that, the detachable clip allows you to remove the badge from the lanyard just by unclipping it. This is great when you want to be able to take your keys or card off from around your neck without removing the lanyard or carrying the whole lanyard around. I find myself using this feature most when my keys are on the lanyard and I get into the car. By using the detachable clip I dont have a whole lanyard hanging from the steering column and in the way.

Many people had been asking us for a way to hold up to four cards on a single lanyard and EK has the perfect solution for this task. Their Dual Card Holder lanyard (P/N 19550) holds two dual sided holders allowing you to easily carry up to four cards. By sliding them in and out of the holders with ease, your cards stay securely and conveniently with you around your neck. The breakaway feature also allows the lanyard to snap apart if it is caught or snagged up. Simply slide the cord back into the rubber breakaway and your lanyard is ready to continue using.

The EK Guardian, Patriot and One Hander shielded badge holders are top of the line, secure accessories for the true professional. Each of these badges have metal shielding, protecting your RFID CaC or TWIC Card from being skimmed while in the holders. To get a read, either slide the card part way out or with the one hander, just flip the top and you can access your card reader. When the card is back, secure in the holder, you do not have to worry about any unauthorized card reads. The Guardian has a sealed water and impact resistant shell that keeps your badge safe and secure, preventing theft and loss.

Whether you are carrying a key, or a super secure ID, EK has a lanyard for your niche that will feel, look and perform great. If you have any questions or would like more information about any of our EK accessories, please leave us a comment below.


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