Eyewear Retainer

This 3-way eyewear retainer is the perfect accessory to keep your favorite pair of eyeglasses securely attached around your neck for when you plan to wear them or remove them temporarily. It is 3-way because of the different ways to attach it to your glasses depending on your activity level of need. You can continue to be patriotic all year round as you sport the red, white and blue color twist designed retainer which is made in the USA by EK.

Eyewear is fragile and having a bulky case to put them in also means carrying that case with you and hoping to remember to bring it with you from place to place. During your busy workday of minor commuting, your outdoor boating adventure or family outing hiking up a mountain, having your glasses securely around your neck might be the best way to not lose or damage your glasses and have them easily accessible throughout your daily adventures.

The retainer is adjustable to loosen or tighten the length to your liking and it is made of nylon for that long-lasting, rugged wear and tear, yet a comfortable fit. Why chance misplacing or scratching your glasses when you remove them when you can wear them on your face or off at all time? A simple and effective solution to making your valuables stay valuable.

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