Fashionable Lanyards for Women

We know you want to look good while at work and sometimes lanyards can be a buzzkill for our carefully planned outfits, this is why at Specialist ID we have created a curated list for women (and anyone in touch with their feminine energy) so they can discover that lanyards too can be fashionable. Explore the list below! 

Necklace Lanyards for Badges

Silver Metallic Round Non-Breakway Lanyard With Swivel Hook

This lanyard is as thin as a necklace, so it won’t overwhelm your outfit or take away any of the attention from your blouse. This cute lanyard comes in Black, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, and Navy Blue. No matter which color you choose silver flakes adorn this round lanyard throughout its entirety adding a slight dazzle to each necklace. 

ZigZag Fashion Lanyard

Fashionable Lanyards For Women

This elegant lanyard has the ability to turn any work outfit into a fun and stylish one. Add a pop of color into your daily life with this beauty around your neck. Work it in Emerald, Black, Monaco Blue, and Nectarine. Hold your ID badge in this zigzag fashion lanyard with silver hook.

Cute Polka Dot Pattern Fashion Lanyard With Lobster Hook and Key Ring

Fashionable Lanyards For Women

All work and no play is boring, which is why we designed this cute beaded lanyard to uplift spirits in the workforce. Keep it fun and keep it classy with this multicolored pattern badge holder. Get it in Green, Pink, Purple, and Royal Blue for your employees or for your girlfriends. 

Beaded lanyard designs can brighten up anyone’s day. Each and every one of us responds differently to colors but generally speaking most find that bright colors are associated with positive feelings. Keep the good vibes flowing with this dressy lanyard.

Black Open-Ended Event Lanyard

This lanyard has two silver bulldog clips. You can attach the two clips onto your ID Badge and it will stay in place. The lanyard itself is thin and black so it won’t overpower the rest of your look too much because of its dainty, delicate quality. 

Choose this alternative lanyard for concerts, work, NGO or special events. You can never go wrong with black. It is a sophisticated and timeless color

Rainbow Lanyard With Swivel Hook

Have all the colors of the rainbow right at your neck. Be the bringer of light with this colorful lanyard. You will bring joy and smiles to the workforce with this beautiful necklace. Chic lanyards like this one are hard to come by, so buy today and be the rainbow. 

Shop Designer Lanyards at Specialist ID

You can always count on us to supply lanyards for your company or non-profit organization. Our lanyards are stylish, made with top of the line materials and you can buy them in bulk at affordable prices. Depending on the size of your order we provide free shipping within the United States.

If you need assistance finding the suited lanyard for you or your company, contact us and our friendly customer service representatives will assist you with any questions or concerns you might have.

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