5 Fun Ways to Wear a Mask For Kids

5 Fun Ways to Wear a Mask For Kids

Getting kids to wear a mask the whole day can be difficult. By now, they’ve worn them in school and for grocery trips, but it’s never too late to have some fun with them!

Eye-catching prints or turning the experience into a project you can do together can encourage them to wear their creations. Here are 5 fun ways for kids to wear face masks.

Decorate a Lanyard

If you haven’t attached your child’s mask to a lanyard, now’s the time! A lanyard can attach to the ear loops of any mask and allow for easy on and off. It also makes it easier to not leave your mask in a place you can’t find it. 

The adjustable face mask shown comes in a variety of colors and can be tightened to any length. A fun way to decorate this lanyard can be to twist and braid string around it, like a friendship bracelet! There are endless tutorials on YouTube on how to wrap colorful strings for crafts, so that is a great resource on how to do this DIY project. Craft stores sell embroidery strings that are easy to work with.

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Add Charms and Beads

With a thinner lanyard, you can add beads and charms to it. If you have already started braiding the lanyard with embroidery string, add beads or charms to that! Avoid getting weighed down and keep your additions to a minimum. As kids play around outside at recess or take off their mask to eat, the beads may fall off if not secured. Make sure this craft is not wasted by ensuring the decorations are on tight! Having the mask lanyards, however, will secure the mask itself and not be misplaced.

Match With Their Outfit

If you have a cloth facemask with an animal print on it, get a shirt with the same print! Matching sets with a mask and a shirt are sold online at Forever21 and other fashion retailers. This is a great way to dress up a costume for an event or just to be a bit more fashionable.


A trend that has made a comeback during the pandemic is tie-dye. You can find a colorful dyed mask practically everywhere, but it’s never as fun as doing it yourself! With a white cotton mask, the possibilities are endless. Craft stores are sure to have many colors of dyes, but tie-dye kits can be found at grocery stores as well. To go along with the mask, dye the lanyard! This flat, white lanyard is great to dip into some dye. Match the mask and lanyard colors for a unique design.

Puffy Paint

Another great use for a flat lanyard is to decorate them with puffy paint. There are glitter and shiny paints that really stand out and help identify a childs’ mask. They can add their name, flowers, or squiggly lines for a tactile flair. 

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There are truly endless ways to have some fun with kids’ masks. When adding a lanyard, the opportunities multiply. Not only is it a neat way to express themselves and their individuality, but it’s a great way to make sure your kid has their mask on them at all times. Visit Specialist ID and get yours today!

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