Get ID Tag Lanyards Personalized for Your Event

Having ID tag lanyards personalized for your next event is a wise solution for most organizations. These custom lanyards have become a favorite identification item throughout many industries at all types of organized events worldwide. They are an inexpensive, yet durable solutions that can help support your organization in creating an incredibly memorable event.

Personalized ID tag lanyards can offer an array of noteworthy benefits to your organization. They can increase security measures by ensuring only authorized personnel have access to specific areas on the site of your event. They allow event attendants to easily identify your staff members and ask any questions they may have. ID tag lanyards also can serve as a promotion item to advertise and promote your business or brand. Lastly, personalized lanyards can also create for a more professional, organized appearance of your organization demonstrating that you give close attention and thought to every detail.

When looking for personalized ID tag lanyards online, you need to consider both the pricing and turnaround times of the company you choose to work with. You don't want to overpay and you also don't want to have to wait months before you finally receive your order in the mail. At Specialist ID, we sell professional, personalized ID tag lanyards at wholesale prices that cant be beat, and our turnaround times are quite attractive as well. We sell only the most popular types of lanyard designs, including:

  • 1-Color (print) Silk Screen
  • 1-to-3 Color Silk Screen
  • Full-Color Dye Sublimated
  • 1 Color Woven
Our lanyards can be personalized to feature logo, brand colors, organizational names, and even contact information. Our 1-Color (print) Silk Screen lanyards can arrive at your door in as little as 10 days, and our customer service team is more than happy to work with you if you have an event deadline quickly approaching.

Order Exactly What You Need and Nothing More

Just because you are looking to have custom lanyards created doesn't mean you want to order substantially more product than what you actually need. At Specialist ID, we know how frustrating order quantity restrictions can be. So, don't worry, when you shop with us, there are no order quantity limitations. Well help you get the most out of your event budget regardless of order size.

Plan for Quality ID Tags with Help from Specialist ID

Great events require thoughtful planning and close attention to detail. While they may be a relatively simple product, ID tag lanyards can help support you in your mission to create an impressionable, memorable event that runs smoothly and according to plan. At Specialist ID, we provide organizations of all types with quality ID badges and accessories. Get started finalizing the design of your own custom product today and take advantage of our free, domestic shipping for any order above $50.

If you have any questions about the order process for personalized lanyards, contact us

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