Going to College Lanyards

Its that time of the year where high school seniors are getting ready to graduate! Some will be heading off to college before the end of the year. Yes time flies! Finding the perfect gift or little something to kick start their excitement would be anything with their college team logo on it. Of the many clothing options and accessories, a very useful and handy item would be their college NCAA official Lanyard!

Our official NCAA Lanyards are stunning! Bright, vivid team colors with official mascot logo displayed on the front and back. They have a rugged plastic safety breakaway feature to ensure safety in case of getting caught or pulled while be worn around the neck. The detachable swivel hook is ideal for holding game tickets, keys or photo IDs. They can easily detach their hanging items for use without even taking off the lanyard.

These quality college lanyards allow students and faculty to show their pride and team spirit and definitely wont take up too much room when their cars and bags are packed to leave. A little something can go a long way!

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