Heavy Duty Badge Accessories vs. Regular Badge Accessories

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1260/4809/products/1815-1010-6.jpg?v=1530673926As a distributor of badge holders and accessories in Miami, Florida, our company, Specialist usually gets asked the same questions: What's the difference between your heavy-duty badge accessories and the regular ones? Here, we plan to give you another perspective on our badge holder accessories and tell you, based on our customer's purchases which ones YOU as purchaser typically prefer.

Why Not Order the heavy-Duty to Be Safe?

It can be argued that the heavy-duty badge holder may be the safest way to go. Its also worth noting that if you don't need a heavy-duty badge holder, then its probably not the wisest financial investment in even if it is a couple of cents higher than the regular badge holders, and even if you are able to get your badge holders at a reduced price because you're buying in bulk.

As a purchaser, it is your responsibility to consider and save every cent. So, if your company can get by with the regular badge holders, then why not make that selection? Both the regular badge and heavy-duty badge holders can serve a unique purpose. Its all about what conditions your badge holder will undergo. If it's for a one-time event, or you're looking to re-sell them, then maybe what you need is just the regular badge holders. If what you"ll need it is something to protect documents in an outdoor event, then the heavy-duty badge might be the best choice.

Here are a couple of questions and answers that may help you come to a better decision:

Q. Which heavy-duty badge accessory is the top seller among your customers?

A. One of our most popular heavy-duty badge holders is the Heavy-Duty Clear Vinyl Horizontal Badge Holder with Re-sealable top (1815-1010) which we also have available in vertical. This item is popular because of its thicker material that makes it more durable.

Not only does this badge holder have a re-sealable top to protect your ID badge from the elements, its rigid vinyl is flexible enough not to be too abrasive to your skin and also tough enough to withstand any accidental scraps or folding. It's the perfect badge holder to extend the life of your ID badge.

Watch a video demonstration about the 1815-1010 badge holder here.

Q. Which regular badge accessory is the top seller among your customers?

A. The VerticalOversized 4 x 6 Vinyl ID Badge Holder (XL46V) tends to be the most preferred regular badge holder accessory for our customers. This badge holder is also very popular because of its dimensions. It is usually used for special event tickets. After the event, you can keep the ticket and store it in the badge holder as a keepsake.

This badge holder is a little bigger than the standard ID badge holder that's fit to hold an ID or credit card. This particular badge holder allows for even better visibility to display your printout pass, ticket, or oversized business/postcards. The XL46V comes with slot and chain holes so that you can easily attach it to your keychain, lanyard, or badge reel without damaging the actual badge holder.

Watch a video demonstration about how the XL46V can work for you here.

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