Heavy Duty Breakaway Lanyard with Swivel Hook


This Heavy Duty Breakaway Lanyard is the Ultimate lanyard for everyday use. It has a swivel hook attachment to carry your basic essentials, whether it be keys, photo IDs, memory sticks, whistles or mini tools. Securely holds your items and comfortably fits around your neck with an adjustable diamond slider for a custom fit to all. Choose your favorite color or color coordinate to designate what you will use it for. Personally, I have one designated for work so that I am better organized and can easily grab and go, knowing my work keys and ID badge are intact for my day ahead.

Very durable and secure way to display credentials allowing you to be hands-free. The safety breakaway feature works great to avoid injury to your neck in case you get caught on something or if someone were to try to pull it off you. Great for people of all ages and purposes.

As a promotional piece, you can put a business logo on the adjustable diamond slider. Would work well for carrying your VIP passes or tickets to your next big event, concert or convention. Students on field trips can display ID for security reasons. Boy scouts and girl scouts can carry a compass or mini flashlight while exploring.

There are numerous reasons to display credentials from a professional standpoint or for convenience and a durable lanyard works well for displaying Photo IDs and so much more.

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