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Heavy-Duty Key Chain Designed for Property Managers

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Heavy-Duty Key Chain Designed for Property Managers

matter if you are managing a network of hotels or motels or a just a single residential area condo complex, you need a key chain that is strong enough to hold a dozen or more keys easily and without risk of failure. Of course, you also will need another chain for all of the spare keys that you have to keep up with as well. Anyone who has tried to use regular key chains for their key management system knows that you need a Keychain that is going to work as hard as you do, and for that reason, we developed key chains that are specifically designed for use in industrial environments.

Here at Specialist ID carry a wide assortment of keychains for both lightweight and heavy-duty purposes. One of our favorites is without a doubt the Key-Bak line of key chains. These Keychain systems are designed for real professionals, and are able to accommodate enough keys to make even the saltiest of thigh school janitors happy! If youre looking to carry a considerable amount of weight on a portable ring, your only true, reliable and hassle-free option are Key-Bak key chains. Key-Bak systems are fully designed and completely assembled right here in the good old USA and come with a full no questions asked lifetime warranty.

The Key-Back Gear retractor comes with a leather protector that can fit onto belts. The leather pouch slide through opening is 2 x 8 which allows it to fit easily on to even wide Sam Brown style law enforcement belts. The retractor itself has a beautiful high shine chrome casing. The unit can securely hold up to 22 keys or the equivalent of a whopping 13-15 ozs.

If you like the Key-Bak Gear Retractor, but dont care for the leather pouch, then go with this self-retracting badge and key reel with a removable swivel clip. The removable swivel belt clip lessens the resistance when you pull on the cord allowing or a more comfortable range of motion. The swivel motion will easily adjust to the angle that youre pulling your keys to help prevent tangling and awkward movements when using the keys. Of course, you can also remove the belt clip if you choose which will allow you to place a few more keys on the split ring holder.

OK, janitors, maintenance men, and caretakers get ready for the keychain of your dreams. Nothing says serious heavy-duty equipment like this amazing key chain that can carry, brace yourself 48 keys! This incredible professional grade key holder comes complete with a durable leather belt holster. The case is made of an extremely durable polycarbonate material, that will not crack, break, or shatter no matter how many times it is dropped or impacted. This is the same material used to create bulletproof glass for automobiles, so you know it's tough.

Watch this video demonstration about how durable the Key-Bak keychain is:

This all-purpose key/badge reel can hold 6 oz and has a very strong retractable force that holds up even after hundreds of pulls. The polyester pull cord measures at approximately 36 plus it has a carabiner attachment that makes it easy to attach to a belt loop, handymans bag, or tool belt.

You think you are a mass key toting professional, but the truth is you are an amateur unless you have what it takes to fill and carry this type of keychain. When you are ready to play with the big boys, this dual twin reel with a solid metal chrome plated casing and a seriously heavy duty 24 of stainless steel chain is waiting. The durable detractor system is guaranteed to give you at least 100,000 pulls, and the badge/key chain reel can hold up to 30 keys. Because of the chain reel, the case measures at approximately 2 in diameter and offers 16 ozs of hold.

Specialist ID is the answer to all of your key management needs, but dont forget we also specialize in badge reels, badge holder, waterproof cases, badge accessories, and other small format documents carry along needs.

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable associates is waiting to help you with any questions or to assist you in placing your order. You can get in contact with us using our web chat system. In addition to Key-Bak, we also carry other key holders and key chain systems that may be a better fit for your less than heavy duty needs. For bulk discounts talk to us, we would be happy to see how we can work with you for large orders.

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