How Airlines Can Benefit from Badge Buddies

Airports are one of the most highly sensitive places to be these days. With thousands of people traveling in and out from other cities, states, and countries, there needs to be a clear understanding of whos who. While pilots and airline stewardess can be clearly identified by their uniform, its not always the best way to assume that they are employed with a particular airline or even that airport.

You should also consider those pilots and stewardessand anyone working for an airline or airport travel too! Its not uncommon to see other pilots taking flights as a passenger in uniform. With so many pilots, stewardess, and personnel working for multiple airlines in one hub, there clearly needs to be some identification.

How Proper Identification Helps Airlines

Its amazing what providing identification to personnel can do for a business. Providing your passengers with the name of airline workers establishes a level of trust. Travelers are entrusting their lives with an airline. The least that can be done for them is to know the name of the workers whom they encounter during their flight.

Also, with all of these unfortunate incidents in airports happening all over the world, knowing the name of all airline personnel provides a sense of security. Having an authentic identification badge thats easy to read is the best way to go about branding airline personnel and the airline itself.

Badge Buddies for Airline Workers

The best way to provide proper identification for airline personnel is with Badge Buddies. They are the perfect role-identification tool for airline workers whether theyre pilots, stewardess, working in customer service, or baggage claim. As youre checking luggage, who would you feel more comfortable giving your baggage to: a stranger or to someone with an official airline identification badge?

Consider This

A professionally crafted identification badge also serves as a form of advertisement. If youre in an airport flying with a particular airline that youre not satisfied with and a worker from another airline in the airport is extremely helpfuland you notice by their identification badge that theyre employed by another airline, you might be inclined to book your next ticket with them. But without proper identification, how would you know?

Customized Badge Buddies

This is how Badge Buddies can help. Badge Buddies are widely used in the healthcare industryso much that they come pre-printed with hospital identification roles. As a result, some purchasers might think that this is all Badge Buddies can be used for. On the contrary, Badge Buddies are customizable.

Through Specialist ID, a badge holder and accessory distributor in South Florida, you can customize your Badge Buddies with your own name in a selection of colors. There is no minimum order. You can order as many or as little units as needed. Although, its worth mentioning that the more you purchase, the less of a unit price you could be getting it for.

Watch this video about how you can customize your Badge Buddy order.

To learn more about how airlines can benefit from Badge Buddies, contact Specialist ID toll free at 1-800-380-6726 today. You can also contact us online.

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