How Badge Buddies Can Quickly Identify Critical Personnel

Did you know that the healthcare industry has one of the most regulated procedures when it comes to identification restrictions and visitor policies?

That is because of the revolving door of doctors, nurses, staff, technicians, administrators, maintenance staff and visitors that are coming in and out of these healthcare facilities at any given day or time. For liability purposes, this sort of thing needs to be under control at all times. While many healthcare facilities have a specific type of check-in procedure for personnel and visitors, more needs to be done.

Some Identification Solutions That Might Work

There are some sophisticated security systems providing temporary ID badges for visitors as they check-in. Some corporate offices have such security measures. The disadvantage to that is it's electronic, and if for some reason a company's system is hacked into and gets compromised, then it's possible for anyone to acquire a guest pass. Also, electronic guest passes are typically printed out in black and white including the photo of the guest, making it difficult to identify if the picture on the ID matches the actual person.

Badge Buddies can eliminate all of that.

Badge Buddies

Badge Buddies are best described as role recognition identification (ID) cards. They are designed to attach to your photo ID card. So not only will people be able to see who you are, but they'll be better able to identify your role in the healthcare facility. When your entire personnel staff is equipped with this type of ID, it makes it easier to identify whos who.

Badge Buddies come pre-printed with certain occupations like Nurse, Doctor, Physical Therapist, CNA, and more. They are boldly printed so that wording is visible from a distance. Badge Buddies also come in a variety of colors that will serve as a striking focal point to direct attention to the actual ID.

Size and Print Details

These role recognition cards sizes are a little bigger than a standard-sized ID card measuring at 3 3/32 x 3 3/8. This is the measurement for the horizontal badge. If you prefer vertical badges, those measures at 2 1/8 x 4. The vertical Badge Buddies offer a limited number of characters to print for role recognition. The more letters you use, the smaller the text will be.

Visitors will also be easily identifiable even if they don't have a printout picture ID.

All of the Specialist ID Badge Buddies are designed with a slot hole so that you can place your photo ID badge in front of the Badge Buddy. Its lightweight and slim enough so that both it and your ID card can latch on to a lanyard or badge reel.

Customize Your Badge Buddy!

Pre-printed ID Badge Buddies come in limited colors, but if you choose to customize your Badge Buddy, you'll have a wider variety of colors to choose from. Furthermore, you'll be able to print whatever you want on the badge. This is great for jobs that aren't in the healthcare industry. Large corporations can custom print department names to better manage security access to certain areas of a building.

Watch this video about how to customize your own Badge Buddy.

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