How Badge Buddies Increase Trust Between Patients and Medical Staff

The healthcare business can get pretty personal. When it comes to healthcare issues, there's no room for being shy. In a medical setting, the doctor and patient relationship gets pretty personal quick, fast, and in a hurry! For the best results, its highly recommended for the patient to be as honest as possible. In order for the healthcare practitioner to do his or her job to the utmost efficiency, they must conduct a thorough physical examination and ask uncomfortable questions from time to time.

That's one of the reasons establishing names might be a good idea for this kind of profession! It may not improve the overall situation, but it certainly is an icebreaker! Of course, there are formalities when the doctor meets his or her patient. Still, chances are the patient wasn't listening anyway. After all, he or she is waiting for a physician to poke and prod away at them. That's not comfortable for anybody!

So, how does Badge Buddies fit into all of this?

Identification. Plain and simple. Establishing proper identification between the doctor and patient has the potential to increase trust. Would you allow just anyone in a white coat and stethoscope to physically examine you without even knowing his or her name?

ID Badge Buddies are a quick and easy way to identify healthcare personnel. They're designed to attach to a photo ID badge to make them much more visible. The Badge Buddy comes pre-printed with occupational titles that are in white text with a choice of a colorful background. Because Badge Buddies are legally required for every healthcare facility, Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder and accessory distributor in Miami, Florida, stocks a wide array of healthcare-related occupational titles that you can purchase in bulk at a discount price.

While many wholesale distributors require a minimum purchase order, Specialist ID doesn't. Order as many or as little Badge Buddies as you need. We also offer them in vertical and horizontal options.

ID Badge Buddies come with a pre-punched slot hole where you can easily slip a lanyard, badge reel or badge clip through. The occupational title will appear right under the persons photo ID badge. So, patients will be able to better identify whom theyre trusting their well being to. This also applies to healthcare administrators. A lot of paperwork is involved with healthcare. Patients are entrusting their personal information to strangers. Having the extra-added assurance of knowing whom they're giving their private information to reinforces trust between the patient and the healthcare organization.

Specialist ID also sells Stethoscope ID tags at a discount price. Get a supply of these shipped to you in 24 hours!

You can purchase your ID Badge Buddies online and have them delivered to you or save yourself the shipping and handling charges and pick them up yourself if you are in the South Florida area. If you have any questions about the Badge Buddy, call a Specialist ID representative today at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online.



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