How Badge Buddies Solve Common Hospital Identification Issues

According to Beckers Hospital Review, one of the top common hospital problems is a shortage of physicians and nurses. As a result, many physicians and nurses are working in different facilities within the healthcare industry. It is not uncommon for a physician to practice medicine at multiple locations. It could be said that this may be one of the reasons all healthcare workers are required by law to wear Badge Buddies.

Learning About Badge Buddies

Badge Buddies help identify healthcare personnel by attaching their position along with the name of the facility to their ID badge. Depending on how large or small the healthcare facility is these Badge Buddies can be organized by color. Badge Buddies come in a variety of colors offering you the opportunity to better organize your staff. For instance, an RNs BadgeBuddy can be color-coded with green while physicians Badge Buddies might be blue. Nursing Assistants can be red while surgeons could be orange.

Other Ways Hospitals Can Use Badge Buddies

For extremely large facilities, you might want to color code an entire department. With your facility's branded logo, this makes anyone wearing your ID badge legit. It says to your patients and visitors that anyone wearing your company's ID badge has been vetted by your company and can be trusted.

The Need for Badge Buddies

Badge Buddies are a visible way to display an employee's name along with the healthcare facility and ID number if it applies. It is for the safety of the patient and the facility itself. It's important to equip all healthcare personnel with the right kind of ID. Despite the shortage of physicians and nurses, the healthcare industry is on the rise as many nursing colleges and nursing programs are enrolling students at an increasing rate. Asa purchaser, you will need to accommodate all of the new incoming personnel.

Identifying Hospital Personnel Correctly

With Badge Buddies, while nurses and doctors may work in different departments, each profession will be able to rightly identify one another's role. A brain surgeon shouldn't be expected to perform the duties of a Chiropractor, and vice-versa. However, each profession has been trained in the basic practice of the healthcare profession. Being able to identify a healthcare worker's role is important. When working in the medical field there is no time for questions. Physicians and nurses need to be readily available to carry out their tasks and Badge Buddies help these professionals do exactly that by being able to recognize one another's role.

Furthermore, equipping hospital staff with a Badge Buddyprevents any imposters from illegally practicing medicine. Badge Buddies serve as a seal of approval easily informing patients and visitors of the various roles that hospital staff has.

So no matter where a nurse or physician is working within the hospital, it will be clear to everyone which department they belong to. For instance, if a pediatric nurse is working in the children's unit, he or she may be called to assist in the birthing unit. The Badge Buddy will immediately let the physician know that this nurse is not regularly assigned to their department. Therefore, the physician will know to request general things that are expected of an RN instead of expecting him or her to have a thorough understanding of the patient's history or department procedures.

Specialist ID: Your Badge Buddy Supplier

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