How Badge Reels Work and How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

Badge reels are a convenient choice for your staff, especially if your ID badges double as entry admission cards.

You have a nylon cord wrapped around a reel with a spring action housed inside a small casing.

Your staff can pull on the badge or ID, and the ID will be close to a scanner, swiper or inspector.

It has a clip that can attach to a collar, lapel, shirt pocket or pants pocket.

Lets take a look at different models, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

One of the ways to know if you need a badge reel ID holder of this nature is this: Your staff has to key into multiple places. Sometimes, there are cafeterias, supply rooms, and secure areas that need to be accessed with the lanyard. This spinning badge reel can clip to pockets, scrubs, uniforms, jumpsuits, or whatever gear your team wears. The casing itself spins, which is very useful for reducing stress on the reel. We would recommend choosing this badge reel if your team is swiping into different locations often.


This black metal badge reel comes with a steel cable. It blends right into uniforms and scrubs for all industries. Its durable enough to attach to a belt, bag or pocket, and its subtle enough to work in any setting. This reel is constructed out of durable materials. Its steel cord is stronger than the typical nylon cords in use, and a strap that reinforces the vinyl on the clip that attaches to your badge or ID card. It is estimated to be good for ten thousand pulls.


These translucent, multi-colored badge reels are ideal if you happen to have a fun, fluid type of work environment. Innovative companies like creative agencies and tech companies will often choose a badge reel of this kind. Theyre also fun looking enough to give to guests easily. Dont be fooled by the good-looking housing, these highly durable reels will last for a hundred thousand pulls. Given theyre roughly the size of a quarter, it is very easy to clip them anywhere you need them. They swivel at 360 degrees, which reduces the strain on the cord each use. Quick note that some people appreciate, the translucent housing lets you view the clean inner mechanics that whir and click into place to make this badge reel serve you so well.


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