How Lanyards Help Brand Your Company or Event

If everyone walked around with a Hello My Name is a sticker, there wouldn't be much validity to believing that person who he or she claims to be. With how advanced technology is, anyone can printout a nice little IDbadge. For businesses and corporations that may require a more official kind of identification, many turn to Badge Buddies.

Once your company is stocked with a legitimate form of identification, then what? They stuff them in their purse and wallet along with their other IDs until it is called for. This sounds like a reasonable plan, but some industries like the health sector require employees to keep their IDsvisible at all times.

The solution: Lanyards!

What are Lanyards?

In short, a lanyard is basically a cord that is designed specifically to pass around one's neck to hold a whistle, pens, knives, and even ID badges! Lanyards are one of those commodities that you dint know was a necessity until you actually need it. Chances are if your employer has issued you an ID badge, you'll most likely need a lanyard. It's kind of like needing a keychain to hold your keys!

What Can Lanyards be used For?

Lanyards give ID badges visibility. Sure, Badge Buddies are colorful with large print, but that won't mean much if it is hidden away. Lanyards provide easy accessibility and make it easy for other employees to identify one another. That is essential for corporations with a high volume of employees.

Here are some examples of businesses and events that could use lanyards to help brand their organization.


*Student IDs School corporations will have a better way of keeping track of their students on and off their property with lanyards. They can also show their school spirit with lanyards that match their school colors. This is especially beneficial for scholastic events that bring different schools together.

*Teacher and Staff Instantly distinguish the teachers and staff from one another and even the students by color coordinating lanyards for teachers and administrators.

Sporting Events

Sporting events can especially benefit from lanyards. There are so many hands involved in such a huge event, that it is oftentimes mandatory to require visibility of proper identification. Coordinating departments with certain colors help distinguish one from the other.


With hospitals, there's really no choice in whether one chooses to keep his or her ID tag visible or not. It is the law. Here again, color-coding nurses and doctors badges from the working staff and administrators will help colleagues better identify one another, and the patients can as well.

There are many other organizations like government employees, couriers and more that can benefit from colored lanyards. In addition to the variety of colors, there are two main kinds of lanyards available:

*Break-away The Break-awayLanyard has a metal swivel hook and starts at 47 cents per unit depending on the brand you prefer. This particular kind of lanyard includes a plastic detachable clip that can snap back on for ease and convenience. The nickel-plated hook can attach to any slot-punched badge.

*Non-Break-away The Non-Break-awayLanyard has a metal swivel hook and starts at 32 cents per unit for the standard version.

Where to Get YourLanyards for the Best Price

Specialist ID provides customers with a user-friendly online ordering system for ordering lanyards at no minimum quantity! We also offer lanyards in 12 different color options.

Lanyards are used in almost every kind of event or organization like conferences, promotions, political events, professional meetings, community leaders, and any other type of gathering. So if you are in need of a quick supply of lanyards, visit Specialist IDs website and view our online inventory here and place your order in seconds, or call us today at 1-800-380-6726.

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