How Much Should You Be Spending on Vinyl Badge Holders?

Well, this all depends on a couple of things.

  1. How much money is in your annual budget for this expense?
  2. How many do you need?

Two simple questions. It shouldn't be that hard to determine. The trouble is, one answer may conflict with the other, and this is where some purchasers might have some trouble.

The most obvious solution is to purchase only as many as you need, but that's too easy.

Vinyl Badge Holders In Bulk

One of the major responsibilities that purchasers have is buying what the company needs while staying in budget. A one-time purchase of vinyl badge holders might seem like a good idea right now and even look harmless on the books. But what if your company ends up needing more vinyl badge holders? Even if its only for an event, how many more of those events do you plan on having? Its going to be more cost-efficient to purchase a large amount of vinyl badge holders at a discounted price per unit then just getting the amount you need for more money even if they are sold at a wholesale price!

So buy purchasing your vinyl badge holders in bulk, you may be saving your company more money.

Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder distributor based in Miami, has a large catalog of vinyl badge holders of every size, style, and occasion. Whether you need a vinyl badge holder to protect your identification card, or need something that's a bit bigger for better visibility at athletic events, conventions, and the like, Specialist ID has the badge holder for your specific needs.

Here is just a short list of the kind we have in stock that you can order directly online at wholesale prices:

Most of Specialist IDs vinyl badge holders are made of a sturdy vinyl. As listed above, we also offer heavy-duty vinyl badge holders for IDs that undergo harsh environments. These badge holders start out at 34 cents a unit, but you can save your company up to 34% depending on how many you order.

Specialist ID also offers vinyl badge holders that offer a bit of a flair. These options are favorable for schools:

Another great idea for schools is providing a vinyl badge holder for parking passes. This is the badge holder youll need to order:

To find out how you can save your company money with any of these vinyl badge holders, contact a Specialist ID representative toll free 1-800-380-6726 or if you're local to the Miami area, call 305-220-5500, or contact us through our online form today.

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