How To Choose The Right ID Equipment For Your Staff

How To Choose The Right ID Equipment For Your Staff

Implementing a policy that requires every person who walks into your company, whether they’re a client or an employee, to be wearing an ID is essential for the smooth operation of any company for several notable reasons, including:

  • Enhancing security 
  • Differentiating employee status, title, and ranking 
  • Allowing employees to access the building 
  • Protecting equipment  
  • Tracking employee time and attendance 

ID badge policies can also boost employee morale, enhance employee accountability, and cultivate trust between clients. Contrary to what many business owners might assume, badge ID policies are not only for large corporations—they’re for any company, big or small, that wants to protect their employees and their property. 

At specialistID, with no-minimum orders required, it’s easy for smaller businesses to equip their employees, and their clients, with badge ID credentials so they can ensure that no one has access to potentially sensitive information. 

While every company should implement an ID badge policy, with so many different types of badge holders to choose from, it can be overwhelming. How can your organization choose the right ID equipment for your staff? What do you need to know, and how can you ensure that the needs of your company and your employees will be met? 

Fortunately, SpecialistID has a wide variety of badge holders to choose from, and we’re happy to offer guidance on how to go about selecting the best option for your team members and your company. We design badges that suit a wide variety of industries so every company can be properly equipped. 

ID Equipment For Government Officials 

Government officials with high-profile jobs require enhanced security and protection. If their badges, or their badge information were to end up in the wrong hands, it could result in a national emergency. To protect that sensitive information, Specialist ID recommends RFID blocking badge holders.

Enabling you to shield potentially sensitive data, RFID blocking badge holders are excellent for ID cards, credit cards, passports, and any other information that needs to be fiercely protected. Today technology has made it possible for people to steal ID information so they can get into buildings, use credit card information, and more.

Our RFID blocking card holders utilize the same technology that RFID wallets do to ensure that your information is safe. 

ID Equipment For Law Enforcement & Airport Staff

In professions that require potentially high levels of activity or confrontation, wearing a badge around your neck could be a hazard. SpecialistID’s reflective bright orange arm badge holders are a great option for law enforcement officers who might be engaging in heavy activity, or who might encounter a threat.

The reflective bright orange badge holders come with an armband that fits securely around your arm and also glows in the dark, which is a great feature for airport officials who are working at night. This badge holder is also a viable option for construction workers, or any other professional that can’t practically carry a badge around their neck. 

ID Equipment For Federal Inspectors

Some professionals need to carry multiple badges on their person at once. Such is the case with TSA agents, homeland security, or federal inspectors. If your organization requires your employees to carry two or three badges, our three card vertical ID holders will do the trick.

Designed to securely carry three standard credit card sized IDs at once, the three card vertical ID holders feature a rigid holder that locks your ID badges inside but also enables you to easily access and retrieve any of the three badges. With two levers that allow the IDs to easily slip up and down, you can quickly choose which badge you’d like to show. 

The 2-sided rigid vertical multi-card holder is also excellent for carrying multiple badges, and it allows you to take out your ID from the side instead of the top. If your employees need to carry multiple IDs but they work outdoors, the heavy duty vinyl badge holder with a resealable top will enable them to carry up to three IDs comfortably, while protecting their ID from the elements. 

Choosing The Right Badge For You 

You may have additional questions that pertain to the particular needs of your business. You may have multiple departments, and are in need of several different types of badges to serve the unique needs of those departments. Regardless of your industry or situation, we have the right answers and the right solutions for you. 

If you need help finding the right badge ID holders for your company, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to clarify questions and get advice that’s tailored to your company. Our badges are shipped quickly and they’re known for being sturdy and durable. Your company deserves the best equipment, and we’re here to help ensure you’re properly supplied.

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