How To Customize Your Company’s Badge Reels

How To Customize Your Company’s Badge Reels

It’s a new year and for many companies, after the changes 2020 brought, that means time to rethink what “business as usual” means. For some operations, that will be a top-down restructuring, for others, it could be just adjusting protocols. And still, others simply need to update supplies.

ID badges will be a big piece of this pie and when it comes to getting workers back in the office after work from home policies — with a whopping 42 percent shift to this style in 2020, according to Stanford Education — this could mean a need for new accessories.

Many companies will be faced with a need to build morale with the move back to in-person office life. One way to encourage company pride is to outfit staff with new gear, in this case: customized company badge reels.

Badge reels are tools that hook onto a lanyard or belt and hold an expandable teether allowing the wearer to stretch out an ID. This makes swiping in or accessing secure spaces much easier and efficient. And with Specialist ID’s customization options, their staff badge reels can be more than just a helpful ID accessory, they can double as a promotional tool, uniform item, company swag, and team spirit tool.

But how can you customize badge reels to really make your company logo or tagline pop?

In this guide, we’ll look at Specialist ID’s step-by-step process.

Choose a Badge Reel Style

There’s more than one badge reel style to choose from? Yep. At Specialist ID, there are numerous options available. So the first step in ordering company badge reels is selecting your preferred design. 

What will work best for your employees is the first question to ask. For some staff, especially those who work from desks, a badge reel that easily attaches to a lanyard might be most suitable, like the Custom Printed Carabiner Badge Reel. For others, something that locks onto a belt could be handier if the work requires site visits or frontline work.

Choose a Material

The beauty of badge reels is you can customize more than just the logo you adhere to them. They come in a variety of shapes and materials as well.

For instance, the traditional Max Label Badge Reel with 1 Inch Smooth Face and Swivel Spring Clip (909-I) available in white or black plastic. Or you could get more elaborate and go with a Custom Printed No Twist Carabiner Badge Reel With Belt Clip - Upload Your Logo. This design features a full-color dome over your logo making it stand out even more. 

Or if you’d like to get really fancy, you can invest in Custom Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combos. This choice features a badge reel and lanyard combined complete with a breakaway device that will snap apart if the lanyard gets caught or pulled too hard. 

Choose a Color

Often businesses like to pair their badge reel art with a color that matches their logo. This is no problem with Specialist ID’s badge reel color choices. The company’s Custom Printed Retractable Badge Reels - Upload Your Logo comes in six color options including red, yellow, blue, black, green, and white. Or there’s the Customized Non-Magnetic Badge Reel with Plastic Clip Badge Reel from Specialist ID available in four colors. 

Not to leave out the aforementioned Custom Printed No Twist Carabiner Badge Reel - Upload Your Logo which also comes in black, pink, white, blue, and red. 

Prepare Your Art

If you want to buy company badge reels that really look professional, make sure you have great art to customize them with. The best way to do so is to work with a graphic designer to ensure the file you upload looks sharp.

But don’t sweat it if you aren’t entirely sure that your art is the right size. The team at Specialist ID will work with you to ensure your badge reel looks great. And for the ultimate peace of mind, Specialist ID will also send a proof for you to approve before they go to print. 

Choose Your Order Amount

Most customized badge reels from Specialist ID come in orders 100 per pack with a discount given for every additional 100, so it behooves you to order more to get better cost savings. 

For smaller businesses, this might seem like too many badge reels, but consider that these tools make great promotional items you can give clients, vendors, or family and friends. The sharp-looking professional design can boost your brand exposure while providing those you serve with a handy tool they’ll actually use: win/win. 

And available at an affordable price, badge reels are a business expense you won’t have to agonize over or hurt your bottom line. 

Ready to start shopping for your customized company badge reels? Head over to Specialist ID today to begin the process of selecting the right badge reels for your business. 

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