How to Purchase Your ID Badges in Bulk at a Minimum Price

How to Purchase Your ID Badges in Bulk at a Minimum PriceNo matter what kind of badge holder or accessory you need, the smartest way to go about stocking your supply is by buying in bulk.

This doesnt always appeal to everyone because honestly, its going to cost you more up front. Buying in bulk means that youre purchasing a hefty supply of ID badges and accessories. So for starters, you better have a good place to store them! But in all seriousness, if you find that your company is going through a nice amount of ID badges and/or accessories, whether its because of a high turnover rate or an ever present increase of personnel, as a purchaser you need to consider getting whatever you need at the most affordable price possible.

The best way to buy anything at the best rate is to buy in bulk if its available to you.

Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder and accessory distributor based in Miami, Florida has a massive stock of inventory that they can afford to sell in bulk amountsand most importantly at a discount price.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

The reason why wholesale distributors can afford to sell their badge holders and accessories at a discounted rate is because there is no middle man in between to jack up the price in order to make a profit.

How it Works

You see, your local office supplier has to get their inventory from somewhere, and they go straight to the wholesale distributor and buy a bulk amount for the cheapest price available. Then they stock their own shelves with the same inventory and a sales price that's more than what they got it for.

They have to do this in order to make a profit and pay for the cost and expense of acquiring such goods. Taxes, shipping and handling as well as any additional transportation and manpower must all be paid for.

So if you go straight to the wholesale distributor yourself, you eliminate paying the additional cost that your local office supply store sells it for.

Paying More Now, or Paying a Lot More Later

When you consider buying in bulk, you have to look at the big picture first. For instance, if youre interested in purchasing a Vertical Armband ID Badge Holder with a Velcro Strap (item ABH-V), with Specialist ID, then you have the option of buying it for either $2.54 per unit or as low as $1.68 per unit.

Consider This

Now, the most obvious choice is to go for the $1.68 cost, but you need to consider exactly how many armband ID badge holders your company really needs. You should also consider how often and how many armband ID badge holders youve purchased in the past. In order to get your ID holders at $1.68 a unit, you need to purchase a minimum of 1,500.

There is a happy medium. If you only need half the amount, then you can still get them fairly cheap at approximately $1.83 a unit. Take a look at the wholesale breakdown here. Its also worth mentioning that there is no minimum order for any Specialist ID products, unless its a custom order.

Inquire About Your Order Today

Contact our customer service department and any one of our associates will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to getting the best price possible. We can be reached toll free at 1-800-380-6726.

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