ID Card Reel With Belt Clip for Employees Gifts

People who work in schools, hospitals, corporate offices, government agencies, prisons and other occupations know the importance of owning a good card reel. Theyre conveniently made for employees to easily access badges, keys and swipe card for access to checkpoints, computer terminals, and magnetic strip cards. They could even be used for marketing and promotional initiatives.

Theres no limit to how a card reel can be used for an organization or agency. In order to keep your badge more secured and looking its best, consider the ID Card Reel with Belt Clip. Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder and accessory distributor in South Florida, carries reels that any employee will love!

The standard badge reel with belt clip is great for those who constantly worry about losing their work badge.The belt clip fits any size, and the vinyl strap slips through any punched ID card or badge holder, keeping everything firmly in place. With a retractable cord that lasts up to 100,000 pulls, you will never have to give your boss an excuse about a lost badge ever again.

Our ID card reel is a perfect gift for that one person who needs a little pop of color to their work wardrobe. Whether its a cheerful bright yellow, or a black stylish modern look, theres a personalized reel for everyone!

Imagine arriving to work only to discover that you either forgot your badge at home, or its buried underneath a heap of documents and miscellaneous items left in the back seat of your car. Youre late and now embarrassed because you have to wait for a fellow employee to let you in, causing a mixture of emotions like anger and self-pity. Not a good way to start the day.The card reel with belt clip is a perfect solution for this.

Our retractable reels come in a standard size at 1 , that is small enough to fit in a pocket or wallet. With a nylon cord up to 34" in length and retract reel that is smooth and effortless, itll cut the amount of time it takes for you to use your badge in half.

Specialist ID knows every organization size differs, so theres no minimum order on your purchase. However, if you choose to go big, then save big by buying in bulk. For instance, if you buy 1000 reels, each costing $0.55, youll get a 31% discount.

Small orders under $50 are shipped within 2-6 business days and for larger orders 2-3 business, depending on size and weight. Purchasing from our large inventory or ID card reels for yourself or for your employees as a small token of your appreciation is easy. Contact us online or call at 1-800-380-6726. You can also stop by our store located at 602 SW 74th Ave. Miami, FL 33155.

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